when the curtain closes

Dayton knew Geoff had helped out with Tony's playhouse quite a bit. On occasion he'd see Geoff's initials on some of the artwork. Some of it was back drop stuff, he also did original paints for some the set designs too.

"He's good, very good." Tony told him.

"Yeah, I can see that." Geoff could definitely build a forest for Tony's "Men in tights" musical. It was usually one of his fall productions that was always put on. "You'd think he would have moved to California or something." Dayton was still dazzled by Geoff's creativity.

"Did he tell you he played Prince Charming once." Tony laughed. "Yeah, it was just a children's production of Sleeping Beauty, but he did it in a second when this actor ended up in the emergency room after a bike accident. Geoff is pretty much a jack of all trades."

"Yeah, he's making me pretty much el lamo, huh?" Dayton shrugged. He was doing good to just paint a table or put the shell of the set together.

"He seems pretty content though," Tony said. "With you."

"You think?" Dayton hadn't thought about that.

"We've been talking," Tony then told him.

Dayton's eyes lit. He had a funny feeling in his stomach, wondering what it could be about. Did he dare want to know.

"I think between the both of us, we can get you back in school. Get you a degree of some kind," Tony said.

"A degree?" What the hell was he talking about? "I'm not that good at many things."

"Yeah, well, that's what you need to do, find something you have a passion for. You might not be all that good at it because you haven't worked at it. You have to want it to get it." Tony advised.

Dayton just nodded. He'd never thought of it that way. Maybe that was why Chris was so good at what he did, or why Geoff loved art so much. He just hadn't worked at it.

"I'm hoping you figure it out," Tony smiled. "One day you might just have my daughter to contend with when I'm not around. And I really want you to be a positive influence on her. She'll need that. Geoff's already signed on to be her guardian."

Dayton thought the pit of his stomach might fall out. He wasn't sure what to think now. That was a lot to live up too.


ellie said...

I wonder if Dayton's ever felt this sort of obligation before??

Ivyoaks said...

I can't believe it. Dayton put on the spot like that. Lets see what he can do.

taffy. said...

oh tony...
i have faith in dayton, but i hope he doesn't need to take on that responsibility too soon.

shelbyisms. said...


cady x said...

Bahaha. People are starting to expect things of Dayton.

N a t a l i e. said...

Argh, I'm sorry I've missed the past couple posts...

Haha, Geoff as Prince Charming? I can almost picture it! I bet Dayton will be able to find something that's he's really truly good at eventually, with enough encouragement from everyone.