at the end of the rope

Naturally, Bex's Mom was the first to arrive.

Bex informed Oliver before she got there, it was best just to liquor her up if they wanted to get through the night.

Of course, Oliver was busy in the kitchen. He'd made fresh salsa, and there were nachos in the oven too. As soon as she got there he poured her a margarita.

"My word, she's got you busy tonight, doesn't she?" Her mother smiled as soon as she tasted the concoction. "I must say, you are rather a professional bartender."

Oliver went back to cooking as if he might be just the help.

"What have you done this time?" She sipped her drink and watched Bex with her knitting on the couch.

"Nothing," Bex just shrugged. "Not much I can do these days."

"I think some of your bitterness is wearing on Oliver." Her mother sighed with another sip.

But before Bex could ask her about that, Max and Chris were here with Chloe. Oliver showed them in.

"Max?" Their mother's eyes open wide.

"Mother?" Max just gave Bex a perturbed look.

Chris had Chloe all bundled up in her car-seat. Somewhere under all the covers was a baby. Everyone seemed to wait for a peek, but Oliver who had to get back to the kitchen for some last minute steps in putting the dinner on the table.

"Well?" It was becoming tense suddenly as their mother put down her drink and stood up.

"Yes." Max was keeping it all short and sweet.

"What have you gone and done now?"

Max just sighed.

"Mom, I told you about Chloe." Bex winced.

"So. But do I get an announcement. Something?" She looked at Max as if it weren't official enough.

Chris didn't say a word. He just picked up Chloe out of the seat and took her to the kitchen to see what Oliver was doing.


Cate said...

Oliver is a magician, creating a meal so unexpectedly and quickly.
Uh-oh. That Max/Mum confrontation could get nasty. Chris is pretty clever, keeping out of the way.

the oaks said...

Oh, boy..what could possibly happen next?

simon n josh said...

I wonder what Max is going to do now.

ellie said...

Definitely looks like an interesting dinner. I like what her mom said to bex about the 'bitterness'.

elliestories said...

This feels like a bomb might go off of emotions.