Geoff was hoping a week or two would change his mind about the Nancy problem, but it hadn't.

He didn't know how he could bring it up to Dayton, either, who had gotten no where about wanting to get a degree in anything.

"Maybe, college just isn't for him." He told Tony.

"Yes, it is. He has too." Tony was still adament about it. Geoff wished he could be just as adament about wanting to adopt Nancy's baby.

"But what if he doesn't want to?" Geoff wondered why he went out with Tony for a late lunch anyway, it was practically six and when he got home, he'd be making dinner for Dayton then.

"I want him for a play." Tony explained.


"Yes, and usually, I only hire kids from the Uni, not a newbie like him, but he's got a freshness about him, you know, and you just don't see that with this, I'm so great I wanna be TV stars. They might as well be walking on the runway. Such cookie cutters." He rambled on a bit about it.

Geoff just stared at him thinking, Tony must have a crush on Dayton.

"Well, you know he's never acted before." Geoff told him.

"Tell me about it." Tony rolled his eyes, "But I want him for the part. I do. He's so high school. And edgy. Perfect for my misunderstood angst anti hero."

Geoff felt odd about this.

"Have you asked him?"


"Well, I dunno." Geoff shook his head. "He might not like being in front of an audience."

"You have to win him over for me." Tony informed him.

Geoff just laughed. "Yeah, well, I'm wanting to adopt his ex's baby, and you don't see me asking for that, now do you?"

"If you want that kid bad enough, don't tell him it's her's." Tony's advice.

"Are you serious?" Geoff wondered if this was the Tony he knew.


"I don't work that way." Geoff shook his head, no. "Besides, there might be a very small chance the baby is Dayton's."

"I see." Anthony sighed as if he might be thinking of a way to work that into his play now.

Geoff cracked up. "God, you are using this for your play, aren't you?"


Geoff wasn't sure how he was suppose to react to that.


the oaks said...

Dayton the actor. Now that's a good one.

Cate said...

Wow, so much to catch up on... Let's see.

I'm reading in the chapter from Saturday, that Oliver is starting to do arts again. I should draw more too. In former times I used to draw all the time, I want to start again.
The sentence that Chris and Dayton were too much alike, that it hadn't worked because of that, really impressed me and made me sad at the same time.

Hm, I wouldn't find it all that bad if Oliver was friends with Dayton now! I think they've overcome their problems, now Dayton is over Bex.

In "ready when you are", I laughed at the phrase "butt cream" ^^ I hope Chris and Max can manage to educate her well. Some couple I know have a four year old kid and he still can't go without pampers, and that's really worrying, I think.

About the previous chapter: Poor Ollie. No wonder he's pissed.

Ha, misunderstood angst hero. Dayton would indeed be perfect for that part.

ellie said...

A play just for Dayton. How cool.

N a t a l i e. said...

I can just picture Dayton standing there in the middle of a stage... awkwardly. Hahaha, I'd like to see this play :D