its like this

"It really smells....great," Chris held on to Chloe as if someone had decided he couldn't have her.

"Thanks," Oliver said. "You shouldn't be so nervous. All right. Everything will be fine."

"How do you know that?" Chris winced as if this had to be the worst possible thing ever. Max's Mom.

"She has a name, you know," Oliver told him. "Its Mona."

"Mona?" Chris was holding Chloe in front of him so she could take everything in.

"I don't think she'll bite." Oliver smiled putting the finishing touches on the layered dip and salad.

"I hate this. I really do." Chris was shaking his head. "She hates me."

"No, she doesn't." Oliver moved food to the table.

"Probably doesn't even notice I'm in the room." He nodded then.

"Well, you aren't out there, you are in the kitchen." Oliver looked at him.

Chris looked as if he might throw up.

"See, Bex has it in her head that if Max would just tell their mother about you," Oliver couldn't help but smile, "Everything will just go back to normal. You see, Bex is still waiting for Max to say he's gay. I mean, you don't see me going up to people saying. 'Did you know I'm hetro, I bet you didn't know that, did you'...well, you'd think you have to explain the whole concept or something to her. I mean, personally, you should just live your life, you know. What is the big deal?" He smiled with a shrug.

Chris drew in a breath.


simon n josh said...

I like what Oliver said..that was good.

dawn said...

oliver is right, but sometimes it's so hard to do, isn't it? we always worry about what everybody else thinks....

rain here. rain. rain. rain. uck. hope you're having a lovely weekend, cait!

elliestories said...

Oliver does have a point. It can all be quite sad though.

fan fic said...

Oh, lets hope nothing really seriously goes wrong. I feel for Chris and Oliver.

ellie said...

Oliver, he really is good at what he does. Hopefully, all will go well.