Bex was determined that she could get by down at the library. Really, she'd meant to start another class or two this next semester, but it didn't happen.

"At least I didn't lose money on it," she told her mother this as if that had to be important. Of course, her mother made her think she was the laziest human on earth.

"I don't see why you don't move to the city." Her mother chimed into the phone.

"For what? We have a house here. I don't even know what you are going on about Mom? Why don't you move to the city?" She knew her mom was very cozy in her own little place.

"I'm just trying to help."

"Help? Mom, that is not helping. Really? Have you even gone to see Max, lately? Huh? Maybe he needs help." Bex sighed as she struggled on her own around the house. Actually, though, she was getting better with the crutches. She wasn't an invalid.

"You know he doesn't want to see me." Her mother told her.

"Yes, because you have to be so, you, that's why." Bex didn't know how to put it any other way.

"What are you trying to say?" She could hear anger in her mother's voice.

"Its just-" She wasn't sure it was worth explaining. "I see how you are, or the way you were with Oliver, before you knew he might ever be with me, and you were so sweet to him. You are far sweeter to strangers than your own family, mom. What gives?"

"What ever do you mean?"

"Stop it, will you? I have a feeling I'll never know what a wonderful person you actually are because I'm your daughter. If I'd been your student, I'd probably be thinking the world of you right now. But I hate how you tell me how ungrateful I am. How, how I should be. Mom, what happened to you? Am I just like you?" Bex cringed and hung up on her mother then. What had come over her to have this blatant conversation with her mother?

She felt horrible for saying those things. And really, she didn't feel she was doing it for herself. Possibly, for Max. Why were they so angry at each other?

Bex felt for sure she'd done it this time.


taffy. said...

she needed to say that, maybe not so harshly, but bex's mum needed to hear it.

the oaks said...

Oh, Bex..she's good.

Cate said...

Oh, so Bex and Ollie don't live in the cityƟ How big is the place where they live, approximately?
I liked that little speech Bex made to her mother. And I'm glad that she thought about if she was getting like her mother, because at soem times in the story I really disliked her.

And I'm sorry to hear that this story is like puling teeth for you sometimes.. But I hope you do have fun SOMETIMES! I certainly have fun reading it <3

ellie said...

Bex is definitely pregnant..she might not have the guts to tell her Mom these things.

Ivyoaks said...

Bex has to stand up to her..from time to time. I feel we all worry about becoming our mother..and yet..we miss all those wonderful things she does too.