just a nudge

Oliver was getting the impression he was being taken more serious. Perhaps the haircut had helped. He had to believe that. A part of his confidence was in place because of it. Possibly.

Not that Bex had said one thing about the haircut. A part of him wanted to ask, "You hate it, don't you?" But he didn't. He didn't need to listen to her go on and on about how much she loved his long hair. Too late for that.

He didn't need anymore grief than was handed to him. It was time to be brave, and to go on. This was not the time to dwell on something so petty. But there was Bex's mother there at the library.

"My now don't you look handsome," she was her usual self. The person who he remembered who loved mysteries and always had a good sense of literary value when it came to her reads.

Oliver was reluctant to say anything to her. Instead, he turned to perhaps some new books she might be interested in. Of course, she'd read Evonovich's latest and really, she was tired of Grisham's efforts.

"Did you know, I'm your newest volunteer," she sounded so happy about it. The secretary hadn't told him.

"Really? Well, that's great." He'd just top her acting abilities. He knew how much she couldn't stand him.

"I promise, I'll stay out of your hair, well, not that there is any to get into, anymore," she sighed. "I'll be in the book sale room at least one afternoon a week."

"Well, that's nice of you." Oliver sighed, hoping she didn't feel the need to take over the whole booksale. He was afraid she would and then he'd soon find out how everyone couldn't stand her.

But as it was, she found some patron to talk to.

Oliver just watched. He hadn't expected that. She was chatting it up, too. And it was all so captivating. The way she smiled. Her body language. Was she picking up men at the library?

Oliver felt himself laughing on the inside. Spring must really be in the air.


Cate said...

That's lovely for Oliver.
That's a bit mean of Bex not to say anything about the haircut. I'm always insecure when I get a new haircut, so I'm happy when people pretend they like it.
I was a bit irritated at first when Bex's mother showed up. I didn't know if she was serious or not. I thought "Hm, I thought she couldn't stand Oliver?" Mean little bitch.
I loved the last line. It sort of gives a lighter feel to everything. Spring makes everything more bearable.

Not that spring is in the air here, or anything. It's freezing.
Haha, cool that your brother's girlfriend is the professional body waxer... You have to ask her, are there often humiliated clients for leg waxing? I thought about it, but it would be a first to have it done by a professional ^^
Well, when I will have a boyfriend I won't be so scared of what my grandmother will say about him [but now, come to think of it... Maybe I will. My grandmother gossips a lot] than what my dad will say.
Poor your Dad, though. I hope my boyfriend won't end up being hated by his in-laws.

cady x said...

Gotta love the library. Kind of wish I still worked there.
I loved the feel of this piece . . it's so . . . sunlit.

dawn said...

it's nice that he can just feel the lightness in the spring air rather than getting all twisted up about it. interesting twist tho for sure.

actually getting some spring around here. chilly this week, but it won't stay for long. i'm just ready to play hookey and go watch a movie!

taffy. said...

i like this description of bex's mum.

N a t a l i e. said...

I love the last few lines! I'm glad that Oliver can feel a little lightened up after all the heavy winter drearyness (is that even a word? haha) I wish I could say the same for around here! It was uncharacteristically warm for a few lovely days, but now it's back to being cold and depressing :P

ellie said...

Hopefully, things will get better with Oliver and Bex's Mom.

Solo said...

I love this blog..
I hope i still have a lot to read here,keep on writing guyzz...=)
I hope to see you too on my blog.