a chance or two

Geoff wasn't sure if he could explain why he was here after Max introduced himself and welcomed him.

It was a simple place, really. Although, there was something endearing about the picture behind the pulpit. Geoff couldn't help but stare at it. Perhaps this was where he was meant to be. He just thought he'd take his chances.

Getting a support group together for sexual diseases had been on his mind for sometime. He wasn't sure why he felt the need, right now. Maybe it had to do with it feeling like spring today, or the thought, he should be doing something for a better cause. Of course, he didn't know how a minister would take it, a support group for people with herpes.

He felt himself almost choking on the words. It was probably a bad idea. No wanted to talk about a subject like herpes.

"Do you think you might have a room available?" Geoff asked him.

"Nothing really going on at the moment," Max said. "How often would you need the space?"

"Once a month, to start out, would probably work," Geoff told him. "I'd be willing to pay a small fee."

"Something in the offering plate would work just as well," Max smiled.

"I hadn't been to church in a very long time," Geoff told him.

"You do as you see fit." Max nodded. "We have a food pantry, and if some from your support group would prefer to do something of that nature, that would work, too."

"I'll look into it." Geoff studied the surroundings a bit. "Mind me asking who painted that picture? I teach art at the high school. Was it a local artist?"

"My brother-in-law, Oliver Mulberry." Max looked back at the painting then.

"Nice work." Geoff hadn't taken Oliver as an artist. Of course, he'd only met him the one time.

"Well, I'll pass that on to him," Max said. "He is part of our little flock."

Geoff took a step back. He'd keep that in mind. Geoff just wasn't sure if Dayton would step inside these doors, but Max was willing to let him have a support group here.


Cate said...

You remember how much I liked Max's church when you first introduced it into the story? It all comes back now, I really like the Serenity church.
Let's see if Dayton will go to the church too. I have a feeling Geoff and Max will get along. Maybe, thru that connection, even Dayton and Oliver will be forced to meet more often... I doubt if they can be friends, though.

Anonymous said...

is this a story blogg?

i love it
keep going!

ellie said...

Hmmm..a support group. I wonder what sort of doors this will open up...

♥MademLee♥ said...

i missed your blog so much
i love love love your story can't get enough..i am going to go back and read every post!!! :)

Ivyoaks said...

Geoff would want to do something like that.

dawn said...

reaching out is the best way to heal. good for him!

are you still snowed in? i hope not. when does your spring come?

so....what movie should i see next? btw, have you ever seen rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead? tom stoppard is wonderful. with my two favorite actors of all time...tim roth and gary oldman.

is it really practically monday already?

taffy. said...

so it's coming in a complete circle (or w/e, i'm awful with words)

i wonder how bex will feel...

♥MademLee♥ said...

thanks for keeping me alert :)
your advice is always helpful :0)

Summer said...

hi! i enjoy reading your blog! keeep on writing!=)

cady x said...

Sounds like Oliver is quite the artist. Although Geoff going to a sexual disease support group is kind of, um, unsettling. LOL.

Well . . . when I get depressed I either write a lot or fight the urge to destroy everything I've written. Sometimes I succeed. Sometimes I don't. Oh well.

I'm also reviving CSATS. For the second time. Eh.