looking the part

Chris was only doing the sit-ups to keep limber. He couldn't say he was really into exercise. He just knew he'd have a bad back, otherwise.

"See, you are like this natural born athlete." Max informed him.

"Yeah, of course I am," Chris said rather cynical taking Chloe from him. "I hated track in high school. I was a distance runner at that. The coach would take us to the woods and damn if you didn't have to figure out the way home. But I'm glad he made us run all those bleachers. I hated it then, but I'm glad I did it now."

"I don't think I ever want to join a gym." Max just said.

"Right," Chris chuckled. "You look like you live at the gym."

"But I don't." Max sighed. "See, that's what I get from, you know who, the one who thinks you're after Oliver. Its like she thinks she's got it all figured out about us, and I don't know how I'm suppose to straighten that out."

"Mrs. Reinhart? What is she saying now?" Chris wanted to know as he cuddled Chloe, and she gripped his finger as if she might need it with her while she napped.

"Well, its kind of mysterious. But according to her, I lead some sort of double life. As if I was on her favorite soap opera. I guess. I told her I was nurse. But she finds that hard to believe." Max shrugged. "Now she says I'm spending far too much time at the gym and not enough time at church."

"Does anyone really listen to her?" Chris sat back on the couch with Chloe.

"I dunno." Max looked at Chris then. "I told her you'd clean out her gutters as soon as the ice thaws."

"Me?" Chris made a face.

"All right, if you get on her roof, so will I." Max sat down next to Chris and put his arm around him.

"That just makes my back sore thinking about it."

"Beware, she said she'd make chicken dumplings, too. You know how bony that is, don't you?" Max smiled.

"Don't remind me." Just when Chris thought those days were over, making the rounds with the congregation, it would soon be starting over, again.


Cate said...

I hate P.E. ... But if you do sports at a club, for the fun of it, it's wonderful! It cheers you up so much!
Mrs Reinhart! That old gossiping woman!!!
Wait... does Max really go to the gym? I wouldn't have expected that from him!
Mrs Reinhart made that disgusting lunch that Bex and Ollie had to eat too, didn't she? I really don't want to eat her chicken dumplings.

taffy. said...

i remember that conversation!
at the grocery store?

ellie said...

Mrs. reinhart..always causing trouble.

Ivyoaks said...

I think it would take a lot out of you to have to put up with some people at church...like reinhart.

cady x said...

I just love Max. And I liked the line about Chloe needing Chris's finger with her.