running out of patience

Dayton had wanted to drop the whole situation with Nancy. It wasn't worth it. Wasn't worth bringing it up with Geoff. It wasn't Geoff's problem, anyway. Hopefully, it would just go away. Nancy was just talking trash. She just wanted to bring him down. That's all. That's all it was.

But then he got a phone call from his mother. She gave him the third degree about Nancy.

"We liked her," she told him.

"Did you now?" Of course, his mother had only met her at Christmas.

"Why can't you get a job.?" Her next question.

"I have a job." And here he was at the playhouse on the phone with her, just after lunch.

"Well, you can't neglect Nancy, like this. Going off as you have. She doesn't even know where you are. What have you done now?"

"What have I done!" She was making him bitter, trying to freak him out to do the right thing when the best thing was to stay away.

"You can't just abandoned them," she said.

"Abandoned?" It sounded like a foreign word to him. Hadn't that been her intention with him all along. Get him through high school and change the locks on the doors. "Mom, you don't know what's going on. You really don't. And if I tell you Nancy's messed up, I know you won't believe me. If you want to believe I'm no good for her, by all means, good for you. You're right. I'm not cut out for little Miss Sunshine. You want to know why? Do you really want to know?"

He looked around at the empty stage he was on. He took a deep breath.

"Mom, I have a boyfriend." His voice echoed through the building. He thought he had the wind knocked out of him. He waited patiently for a reply, but she hung up on him.


taffy. said...

mrs. dayton's mom sucks.

Ivyoaks said...

I'm happy yet sad for him at the same time.

Liz said...

I agree with taffy. Man, at the beginning pretty much everybody hated him. Now, we like and feel sorry for him.

Haha poor Dayton.

cady x said...


And gets the disappointment smack. Bummer.

3m wants to let go and take you with her said...

wait!!! did bex have her twins yet? i am so lost. and also I deleted christmas with kennedy. didn't feel like writing it anymore. But I made a new story which will be a lot better probably, still not sure. But here's the link if you want to check it out: http://everythingtheyeverwanted.blogspot.com/

N a t a l i e. said...

I agree with Liz, everyone hated Dayton before, and now everyone feels sorry for him, haha. I guess it's good that he finally told someone, but she certainly didn't seem to take it very well.

Roxy Motion said...

aaaa. that made me think of alan and i almost started crying. lol.

good stuff.