a new man

"So, what can I do for you, Mr. Oliver?" Nelson gave him that devious smile of his.

"Dunno," Oliver grinned. He wasn't even sure why he came after work. He supposed a part of him wanted to runaway from it all, but he knew he couldn't. "So how's business?"

"Can't complain." Nelson nodded handing him over a hard lemonade in the dead of winter. "You look like shit."

"And I feel like it too." First time he'd actually admitted it. "I might be going crazy."

"Is that it?" Nelson just gave him an open smile. "You go and get married. Got full-time work and you think its true."

"I guess that's what happens when you're around crazy people."

"Oh, your sister, that's what this is all about." Nelson nodded.

That's when Oliver told him everything about the baby.

"You're not gonna let this get the best of you, now are you?" Nelson pulled out a chair in his kitchen. "Come here. Sit down."

"What for?" Oliver looked at him as if perhaps Nelson had made a new drug and perhaps southern fried chicken or hot wings were involved.

"I'm gonna give you a haircut." He nodded.

"What? When have you ever cut any-one's hair?"

"Well, that's my true profession, whatcha talking about?"

"You're a barber?"

"Hairstylist actually, I straighten hair real nice, too."

"Then-then why don't you-"

"I don't like being on my feet all the time." Simple as that.

Oliver set down in the seat that Nelson had patted down for him. Nelson wrapped a sheet around him then. And he got out his straight edge razor then and went to work.

"Now the trouble is, you've been listening to a crazy woman." Nelson told him. "That's all there is. Crazy. She wants you to be crazy too. Now is that what you want, Oliver, really?"


"You got to let it go. Be a new man. Be the man that you are. Cause it does no good to worry about it now. You keep moving. You keep finding that passion that keeps you going. Don't look back. Got that." Nelson's words were like gold.

"All right."

Nelson handed him a mirror after he was done. He'd left him some bangs, but the haircut was fresh and damn if he didn't look younger.

"See you're a new man. And you ain't taking shit from no one."

Oliver felt a laugh caught in his throat. He smiled. He'd try his best for Nelson.


taffy. said...

I was so worried he'd gone to Nelson for drugs.
I'm excited for this haircut.

Couture Carrie said...

Uplifting (as a good haircut always is!).


Liz said...

Yay for Ollie! I had no idea Nelson could do that though. o.o

Cate said...

Oh, Nelson and Oliver again!!! I really missed hearing about them!
"perhaps Nelson had made a new drug" ^^ that cracked me up :-) I like Nelson. He has a way of cheering people up and kicking their ass at the same time. A manner I really like.

ellie said...

I love Nelson. He's the best. I'm glad they have a good friendship, too.

dawn said...

i like nelson. he gives sound advice and he shoots straight from the hip. that's good for oliver. maybe dayton could meet him too :)

have you seen the reader yet cait? i'm dying to hear your perspective on it. i thought it was wonderful...a movie i got completely absorbed in. i think you'll really like it.

hope you're doing well and not working too hard.