friends and family

"Honestly, boy, I didn't think you had it in you," Tony handed him over a beer a few minutes later. He'd heard Dayton on the phone.

"But I probably should of told her in person," Dayton was still upset that he came out that way with his mother.

"She'll be all right. That way she's got time to think about it." Tony told him.

"Yeah, but what if I never hear from her again?" Dayton winced. "What if they never let me- you know, see them ever?"

"Well, that's their loss. Its best to be open and honest even though its the hardest with family. Usually, you'll end up staying away anyway if you don't. I know I did. It was decades before I ever told anyone in my family and by then, I hardly came home, as it was." Tony reached in his back pocket then and pulled out something for Dayton. "We've got you on the friends and family plan. Only cost $19.95." It was a blackberry.

"I have no idea how to work the thing." Dayton looked at it as if maybe he could play hand held poker now.

"Well, Hillary will show you. It was her idea. She just thought it was awful that you didn't have one." Tony smiled.

"She would." Dayton just held it while he nursed on the beer. Really, it felt good in his hand as if maybe the future wasn't so awful, after all.


taffy. said...

i adore hillary. and blackberrys.

Cate said...

Oh no, missed a chapter again :(
Well, about this last chapter: I dunno, have we met Dayton's mother before? Hanging up on Dayton certainly wasn't the best possible reaction, but without illusions, that's the way it is, isn't it? People from the older generation are just more old-fashioned. I think coming out towards your friends is a whole lot easier than coming out towards your family.

Haha, Hillary's awesome. She's quite the technology freak, with the blogging, and the blackberries, isn't she? A modern girl ^^

Glad Dayton has found a "family" at his workplace.

Liz said...

Good for Dayton. =] He should thank Hillary. xD

dawn said...

i don't have a blackberry either...maybe tony will put me on his friends and family plan? :) thank god dayton's getting some nurturance...his mother is a piece of work.

i'm so glad you got to see the reader finally. yep, i started bawling when he pulled out the tape recorder also. such a fabulous way of reaching out and yet not really letting her too far in. they both had such issues with intimacy, no? i thought they were both such characters of complexity. i was so absorbed in this movie i totally lost track of time. just trying to figure them out and their motivations. and david kross is amazing. he's only 17 years old. wow.

although they were both extraordinary movies, i think i liked the reader better than revolutionary road. i'm so glad you saw it.

ellie said...

I'm glad he has Tony to talk with..and of course, Hillary.

N a t a l i e. said...

Tony has some pretty good advice! I hope that Dayton can learn from it. And haha, Dayton's new blackberry reminded me of when my mom first got a cell phone. It took her forever to figure out how to even call someone! I'd like to think that I'm not that technologically challenged, haha. But that was nice of them to think of Dayton (:

Ivyoaks said...

Now that's a great Valentines day present!

Summer said...

that's good for Dayton.
he should give thanks to Hillary..
nice chapter..=)
keep on writing friend.