on the other side

Dayton made the call hoping he'd get her answering machine, but she picked up.

"So you still pregnant?" Dayton said while he was looking at Geoff who looked a bit perturbed with him that he was just asking for it with Nancy.

"What do you think?" She didn't sound too happy.

"Its been really bad, huh?" He couldn't think of anything else to say without sounding like a prick of some kind.

"Yes, I'm- I don't know what to do." She sounded scared. "What do you want?" She snapped back.

"Um, a paternity test, I guess."

"What?" She sounded as if she might hang up then.

"You heard me, I think we need to get this in writing or something since I shouldn't be obligated to support this thing I had nothing to do with in the first place." He told her, wishing he was just a stranger of some kind passing through, wishing he'd never met her.

"But- but I need you."

"Oh, so now you need me?" He looked back at Geoff and put his hand over the reciever. "See, I told you." He let him listen in then.

"You know, I can't- I can't let anyone else know- it has to be you, it has too."

"I'm tired of being a liar," Dayton then sighed. "You are on your own on this one, Nance, besides that dude's got money.. Don't you want to do the right thing?"

"Why can't you come back? Why can't we make this right?" She sounded sad.

"Because you'd hate it and so would I." Plain and simple. "You just let me know when you want to do that paternity test now. All right?"

She hung up on him then.


Cate said...

About the previous chapter: LOL, the xbox. It's an X-Factor in this story ^^ Ew, screwing that old dude... I do hope for Dayton that it's not his kid. I wouldn't have expected it that they only had sex once.

You still pregnant. What a wonderful question. It made me laugh.
I think the same as Dayton. NOW she needs him.

ellie said...

Nancy.Nancy. Nancy..she's quite bad. & Dayton was funny, too.

taffy. said...

I think Dayton's funnier when Geoff is nearby. Nancy will figure it out soon...

N a t a l i e. said...

I hope it isn't Dayton's baby, although it very well could be. Even if it was only once, you never know... Hopefully Nancy gets a paternity test sooner or later! I can almost picture them on Maury or Jerry Springer or one of those shows...

"You got me pregant!"
"No I didn't! You gave me herpes!"

That would be a good episode :D

Summer said...

Dayton is a very funny man,This was really a great story ever!=)
Hhmm,very exciting...
Nice post friend..

pinkapplecore said...

Thank you for the lovely comment, I appreciate it! :) Good luck with your blogging too!!

simon n josh said...

Oh..He has some really good lines.

But I feel sad for Nancy too.