hawt and hawter

"So now what do you think?" Dayton was asking this time, looking at Geoff point blank after the phone call.

"You know, I'm on your side. I just don't want you to be railroaded into anything, you know." Geoff felt a little guilty about thinking of the possibility. He put his arm around Dayton as he proceeded to get back to his game.

"She's one messed up girl, isn't she?"

"Don't know how Bex ever became friends with her anyway." Dayton just shrugged.

"Oh, lets just blame this on Bex now," Geoff almost laughed.

"Well, its true. She was her friend." Dayton looked at him.

"Uh huh, but you know you really didn't have to go out with her, remember?" Geoff squeesed his shoulder just a little.

"All right, I know. I just- look, I thought I looked pretty hawt with her, you know. Well, at least my folks would think so and everyone else who might know me, too. Like it was the thing to do." He sighed and killed the enemy then just with a click of the button. "But lets face it, I look hawter with you."

"So that's how your mind works?" Geoff winced.

"Hell, yeah." Dayton smiled. "But its different, you know. Really. Different kind of hawt. Like you know its something between us. Not just something you can take a snap shot of. Just something you can feel and react too."

Geoff found himself filling up with happiness. Yeah, that something was happening right now. Geoff already knew it.


ellie said...

I love them together.

cady x said...

They have such good chemistry. I love them.

the oaks said...

Dayton and the hawt factor..hahahaha...

simon n josh said...

hawt..ha. I liked that.

Roxy Motion said...

lol... geoff reminds me of alan. that's a good thing.

taffy. said...

i love the description of how geoff feels after dayton says that.