how it should be

Geoff tried his best not to be upset with Dayton about this thing with Nancy, but still he wasn't sure what to tell him.

"Don't you think you should talk, at least?"

Dayton done so with Bex and the mess he thought he was in with her. But this, Dayton was so nonchalant about it.

He gotten himself a new X-Box 360 with his tax money and was busy playing his games. It was as if he were up to his old tricks. Perhaps on a vacation.

"What good would it do?" Dayton tried to get Geoff to relax about it and play Call to Duty with him. "She's gonna bitch, no matter what."

"Just how sure, are you, this isn't your kid?" Geoff wanted to know.

"Real sure." Dayton nodded as if that was the least of his worries.

Geoff turned off the TV then as if he better explain.

Dayton turned off his game then.

"Look, it happened really early on with her. It was just the one time. You know, like it was expected of me, and I swear it was no picnic, and within a week I swore up and down I'd never touch her again after what she gave me. And I know she had her period. If that's what you're wondering. Its not my kid, and she can call it mine all she wants, but I bet she was screwing around with her boss. I just bet on it. She was always doing something for that old dude."

"Old dude?" Geoff winced.

"Yeah, he thought he was pretty slick, I guess, but he's got a wife and a couple of kids. I think Nancy thought she might get something out of it if she- shit, I didn't ask? I don't want to know her personal stuff. It could have been anybody, but me." Now he wanted to get back to his game.

"You should get a paternity test just to be sure." Geoff told him.

"All right," Dayton shrugged. "If she calls me, I'll let her know."

"You call her," Geoff picked up the phone. "You tell her how its going to be."

Dayton just looked at him as he might as well throw up too. He took the phone then.


ellie said...

Dayton and his X-Box. What more could you want? Oh, how things can change.

cady x said...

That whole video games thing is really making me desperate for a Silent Hill marathon.

I like how Geoff is pushing Dayton to do the right thing.

Summer said...

How exciting this story is..
I can't wait to know the ending of this,,You really have a nice post..=)
Keep on writing friend..

simon n josh said...

Geoff is right. He's got to do it.

the oaks said...

Well, we know who the grown up is. I'm glad Geoff is around.