here we go again

Was bad weather in the forecast? Again?

"Ugh, I thought it was almost spring today," Bex said to Oliver. He was sitting behind her, or perhaps she was sitting between his legs while they were on the couch. Her hair was growing out and he was braiding it, or other strange things he was known to do to put Princess Leia's twist on her pigtails.

The weather was on.

"I told you we should have gone to the river when we had a chance," he said, but still busy with whatever it was he was doing to her hair. She thought it must have been theraputic because he could keep this up for hours then turn around and take out all the knitting she was doing her best to keep busy with and make it look ten times better when he was finished with it.

"But its so cold on the river. I'd be so chapped. You would be too. I hate winter." She sighed feeling as if she'd been defeated once again.

"You know how much fun I have with oils, especially with you." He said a tad naughty.

"Yes, you always find a way to make everything better in the end, don't you?" Bex sighed listening to the forbodding weather cast. "I hope its not an ice storm."

About that time the phone rang, but Oliver told her not to pick up. The answering machine could get it.

It was Nancy.

"Bex, aren't you there? I swear you're gone everytime I call. Dayton is being a dick. What else is new?" She hung up then.

"I swear I don't want to have anything to do with her." Bex messed up a stitch then. Dayton. Why did Nancy have to bring him up?

"Maybe you could be on Dayton's side with this one," Oliver just said.

"What? Why? Him? Are you crazy?" She almost came unglued.

"Well, I think he'd be there in a second if he thought it was his." Olvier told her. "Think about it. He was there when he found out about you even if it was a month or so too late. I guess."

"He just wanted to torment me." Bex swelled up a frown then and went on with her knitting even if did look awful.

"No, he didn't." Oliver informed her. "He cared. He really did. I believe that. And even if he didn't, he was with someone who would want him to care."

"Maybe." Bex sighed.

"Geoff is a good influence."

"Are you saying I was never a good influence?" Bex asked as if where she fit in all of this.

"Oh, here we go again, back to you," Oliver chuckled. "I'm just saying- Never mind." He undid her hair then as if maybe he didn't think she'd want it up.

"No. I want to know. Is it terrible of me to wonder what I did wrong? Why things fell apart?"

"Who knows? Why dwell on it now?" Oliver said as he brushed her hair. "You just have to figure out that not everyone is going to like you. Not everyone is going to want to be asked 'what did I do wrong?' When its over. It's over."

He French braided her hair close to her head then . Bex couldn't remember now why she was even Nancy's friend. Maybe she didn't have to be.


ellie said...

Oliver and Bex's hair. I always like that.

dawn said...

i agree with ellie...it's such a nice intimate image of the two of them. at least bex's insecurities aren't so harsh lately...she's softer now which is nice.

didn't slumdog clean up at the oscars? that was nice. i always hate that it becomes so one sided though....one movie is always the darling it seems and the others get snubbed like revolutionary road and doubt. fickle hollywood i suppose.

rain here. lots and lots of stupid rain. rain this weekend. rain. yuck. :( hope you're getting some sun!

Cate said...

About the chapter before this: I like how Dayton used the term "hawt" as a professional term.. Kinda made me laugh :)

All my friends say they're looking forward to spring too, but I don't mind winter...
Oliver's a great guy- He really does have a way of making everything better.
How different Nancy is when she talks to Dayton and wants something from him and when she talks about Dayton behind his back.
Oliver is right. Dayton really has changed, he's not the asshole he used to be anymore.. Or maybe we just saw him from a different perspective, saw things from his perspective.

Ivyoaks said...

You can just see how much Oliver loves Bex. The way he is with her. I love that.

taffy. said...

i agree.
nancy sucks.
and ollie and bex are my favourite.
if not only by ollie's sheer amazingness.

cady x said...

"maybe she didn't have to be" . . . funny how you can feel obligated to do things you don't really have to do.