here it comes

Dayton knew he should have said something sooner to Geoff about the Nancy situation. But he kept wanting to forget it. And it had helped that Hilary had been so generous in teaching him all the shortcuts with the blackberry. He had a new toy to play with and life was so much better.

It was better to have Hilary around too. She'd come out to the farm a couple of Friday nights to spend the night. It was all so quaint. Playing video games. He felt like a big brother of sorts. Really, he didn't miss anyone in his family that much. It was just as well that it had ended so abruptly with his mother. He was sure everyone knew now, and they'd shut him out completely. Still he had no regrets about it. At least not at the moment.

Not until his sister, Raney showed up on their doorstep.

She gave him a hug as if she might never get a chance to again.

"What are you doing here?" He never told her where he was. "How'd you find me?"

"I called around. I went to where you worked. Is it a crime to find out where my brother is?" She looked at him as if she hadn't given up on him, after all. Of course, she didn't live at home, either. But at least she was over once a week to wash her clothes and eat dinner with their family. "Mom hasn't told Dad."

That was no big surprise. "She's just worried, you know, and this Nancy thing is really getting to her. She says she'll take the baby if she has too."

Raney looked more pale than usual. She wasn't her usual sporty self who always worked at the tanning salon. Now, she looked kind of drab and already set in her ways even if she was close to twenty-five.

"What? Are you kidding me?" Dayton found it laughable.

"What is she talking about?" Geoff looked at Dayton a bit puzzled.

"Nancy." Dayton scratched the back of head.

"Is this your boyfriend?" Raney looked at Geoff.

Dayton looked at Geoff then Raney. He remained closed lip as if he didn't want to talk about any of this.

"What? What have you told her? What does she know about Nancy?" Geoff winced, looking at Dayton as if her better tell him.

Dayton sat down then on the couch with Raney on one side of him and Geoff on the other.

"I swear I have nothing to do with Nancy." He shook his head. "She called me and told me she was pregnant. And I'm not saying I don't believe her. Its just it can't be mine. It can't be." He shook his head. "And when my mom called about Nancy, I-I-"

"Mom knows Dayton has a boyfriend. He told her." Raney looked at Geoff.

"I see." Geoff nodded. "But why would you neglect to tell me about Nancy?"

"You were so happy when you found out about the job. I didn't want to have bad news from me," Dayton said.

"But, we're in this together. You can't keep things from me, like this." Geoff flinched.

"I won't. I just wanted it to go away." Dayton admitted.

"Well, its not, and I'm pretty sure she's not finished with you yet." Geoff nodded.

"You haven't talked to Nancy, have you?" Dayton asked Raney then.

"No," she shook her head. "I'm on your side. I am. Mom is just worried about the baby. I think she's really hoping its yours. She doesn't think I'll ever have kids. You are her only hope." She gave him a pat on the back.

"Yeah, right," Dayton rolled his eyes at that. "Like we'll be invited over anytime soon for Sunday dinner."


taffy. said...

dayton's mum has a soft side?

Deni said...

do you like brazilian blog ?


Liz said...

Poor Dayton, he has such a stressful life. o.o

ellie said...

I kind of feel bad for Geoff..but, aren't Max & Chris having to face something like this too with their parents?

cady x said...

Nothing is ever finished. And sometimes you just have to face that the people who are supposed to accept you no matter what can be pretty closed-minded.