how it was

Bex still had so many questions to ask Max. If he could only tell her the truth. Why was he neglecting to tell her he was gay? It hurt her that he wouldn't explain this to her. Perhaps she felt a bit childish about the matter now, but really it was still on her mind.

"I just want you to know, I love you, and you're still the best brother in the world." If he wasn't going to talk about the subject, neither would she. "Its just amazing you turned Chris around like that."

"What is that suppose to mean?" Max looked at her as if she was saying he was recruiting people to join his cause.

"You know what I mean," Bex said. "Him a Dad? That's like unbelievable."

"No, its not. He's really good with her. And he can quiet her down a whole lot better than I can." He sighed.

"See. It was meant to be."

"Yeah, I guess." He gave Chloe a bottle and she took it as if she knew exactly who he was. It was definitely love.

"I'm just afraid." Bex shook her head. "Of everything. First I have to get two babies into this world and then I hope they like me."

"Why wouldn't they?" Max had to laugh at her fears.

"I dunno. I wonder if Mom ever had thoughts like that. You know, worried if we'd like her or not." Bex shrugged.

"I highly doubt it," Max smiled. "She probably said, ' you're stuck with me kid, better get used to it' , you know, she loved us. Probably too much. I was a very fat baby."

"I've always been fat." Bex rolled her eyes. "Oliver can tell me I'm voluptuous everyday, but you know its not true."

"Mom may have a lot to do with that," he told her. "She was always telling you, you were fat when you weren't."

"Remember that summer you got fat when you were eleven and then for the next six years, I never saw you eat anything. You looked like something from a concentration camp." She told him.

"I was not that bad." Max winced, but Bex still wouldn't be surprised if Max still had an eating disorder.

Bex had to face facts. They'd had their problems with their Mom, but they could have been worse. Possibly, they were really not that horrible to even be upset over. Still, Bex wanted to be the best Mom she could be.


simon n josh said...

Hopefully, Bex is going to be more understanding.

Couture Carrie said...

I love the name Bex. Familial relations are so complicated!


ellie said...

Oh, Bex..and Max with an eating disorder..who would have thunk it?

Liz said...

Aww, I'm sure Bex's kids will love her! =]