good news

Well, they'd hired him. Geoff hadn't expected it to be official at the school. He'd expected he'd get by on substitute pay til the end of the school year and someone great would come and take over the position.

"So we should celebrate," Geoff told Dayton when he got home from work.

"Like how? Grill some steaks?" Dayton shrugged.

"Its a little cold for that. I just thought we could go out for dinner, you know." Geoff smiled.

"You and me?" Dayton said as if he might have someone else in mind.

"You have a problem with that?"

"No," Dayton shrugged.

"I'm not going to tell anyone you're my boyfriend," Geoff said. "Is that what you're afraid of?"

"I didn't- Look, I thought you would call Tony and want to have, you know, all your friends gathered around," Dayton told him. "Not just me."

"Why not just you?" Geoff winced.

"Its fine. Really." Dayton nodded. "I'll even clean up. Its a date."

"You're sure?" Geoff thought he'd been pushy then. Perhaps they should have stayed in.

"Look, we went out when I needed you there with Bex and me. That was cool. Its not a problem." He promised.

"OK," Geoff nodded then to get ready.

"Good. It'll be great. Promise I won't get fuck'n drunk or anything." Dayton then grinned.


Cate said...

About last chapter:
' you're stuck with me kid, better get used to it' - haha. I laughed so much about this one.
I'm glad Bex wants to be a good Mum. If she wants it, she will be.

Cool about the work too! I bet the two will have fun on the date.

Ivyoaks said...

Yeah, for Geoff..now lets hope Dayton behaves himself.

cady x said...

LOL. Dayton's afraid of being gay.

I'm pretty sure there isn't very much I don't like about him, despite some of his behavior . . .

And I think Geoff is a good influence on him. But then, Geoff would be a good influence on anyone.

N a t a l i e. said...

Geoff is a good influence on him! Congrats to him on the job. But I wonder if Dayton will still manage to get himself into some mischeif, let's hope he behaves himself ;)