the joy of the library

Bex tried her best to look as if her outfit matched her black walking casts. She felt as if she was in heavy snowboots. Really, she thought it looked pretty good with her hunter green dress. Actually, she felt as if she were in a gown, but know one had to know that as she thumped through the library to her desk.

Naturally, she knew she'd be more in the way at the circulation desk than anything else so she went to the back and looked at all the things she used to do. Now she'd be doing mostly computer work. Which scared her more than anything. Did they expect her to know all this bib record stuff from scratch?

Thankfully, the head of tech made it easy. "Just look at the old records. Cut and paste if you want." She had a whole tool bar for all the necessary codes for the information to be used for the records. "Just make it consistent. That's what we are going for. We aren't OCLC. But that's where we get all our records from."

At first it felt like a foreign language, but the longer she looked at old records, recent records and used them as a guide for fiction and nonfiction..it got easier. And her boss only gave her children's books to work on.

So she felt so settled. This was going to work. She found herself smiling. And they were going to let her do this from eight to five, Monday through Friday. No weekends. She was ecstatic. She got the impression the babies sensed it too. She could actually feel one kicking her. No, make that both. It wasn't until now that she noticed how much life was going on in her stomach.

She told her boss to get Oliver. Naturally, everyone thought it might mean a trip to the hospital.

He rushed back to see what was the matter.

"You have to feel this, you have too!" She looked at him as if she might be on some sort of happy drug. Bex pulled his hand toward her stomach. She smiled.

He noticed the knot right away, pushing, moving, wiggling.

"When did they start doing this?" He asked as if he wanted to be in on the his experiment from day one.

"Well, I've had these flutters, and I'd think it had happened, you know, like a slight earth quake or something, but now..my stomach might as well be wiggling jello." She smirked.

Oliver smiled back. He held in a laugh then.

"Really, really its amazing," he put his hand on his cheek, his other arm hugged himself and he just watched in aw.

"What is it?" It was Bex's mother.

"Mom, what are you doing here?" Bex acted as if she'd interrupted something.

"She's supposed to only work the booksale room just one afternoon a week, but she's here everyday." Oliver gave Bex a fake smile then.

"Oh, how-how nice," Bex looked at her mother. "My stomach is just jiggling that's all."

"Oh, my God, I can't believe I'm going to be a grandmother!" She laughed then. "Don't you dare let them call me granny."

"Well-" As if that was all Bex had to think about. "We'll think of something." She just nodded thinking she better get back to work. "Show's over. Gotta get busy." She turned her swivel chair toward the computer and started tapping away then.


Liz said...

She really doesn't like talking to her mom. Wiggling jello...I laughed at that part. x]

I think the next part I write will finish up the story, so you'll have to wait to find out. =3

another.ellie said...

Oh..Bex Mom..she would.

Ivyoaks said...

That was cute. Even the Mom, too.

ellie said...

Hahaha..that's great about the twins though..Moms are like that when it comes to being a grandparent.

dawn said...

funny...bex can't let herself get too carried away can she? but she'll have to get over that when those babies are born because she'll absolutely fall in love with them.

those first flutterings...you think it's the baby but can't be sure. gosh those are the best.

glad you're thawing out a little. we're really kind of gearing up for full tilt spring here in the south. i hope you're having some fun and not working too hard all the time :)

cady x said...

I have kind of a different perspective on pregnancy now . . . watching a documentary on the subject three times will do that to you, I guess. Which is kind of a good thing, I suppose.

I liked this part. :)

Solo said...

Hi there,
i like your post.
I can't wait too long to know what is the ending...=D