there and back again

Well, why in the fuck didn't he think of it before? It finally came to Dayton's mind as they were driving away. Chris was just getting this baby stuff for a sister of his. Bet one of his sisters had a baby. It was a nice thought to keep. Didn't want to dare remember that Chris had never gotten any of his sisters a thing before.

Dayton hugged himself. Yeah, that was it. Chris was being a good guy now. A good guy to his sisters. That's where all that embrace the situation was coming from. He was just trying to be nice. Of course, it gave Dayton a stomach ache thinking about it. Chris was being nice to everyone but him. All that go back to Nancy crap. Jesus, where did he come off with shit like that. It just irritated the hell out of Dayton.

"Got anymore stuff you want to tell me?" Dayton couldn't take much more of these thoughts of Chris.

"The fact no one wants to see another graphic artist in the metro," Geoff sighed.

"Graphic artist?"

"A wannabe." Geoff took a sip of chocolate milk. "I've been subbing at the school this last semester for the art teacher who's out having a baby. Better than having odd jobs to make ends meet."

"What sort of jobs?"

"House painter mostly." He shrugged. "And I built a few sets at the playhouses down town. You know, something to keep me busy."

"That's good." Dayton downed half his bottle of cold chocolate milk then.

"Yeah, now they got me hooked on teaching. I guess that's OK. The kids don't drive me nuts or anything."

"I bet you're a good teacher." Dayton hadn't thought of him being a teacher, exactly. "But you look barely out of high school."

"Yeah, that's what they tell me," he winced as he drove past the street where Dayton lived.

Dayton felt a lump in his throat. He guessed they were going to Geoff's, after all.


Cate said...

Poor Dayton, making excuses for Chris buying baby stuff. But actually, we don't know yet whose the baby is, don't we?
But Dayton is always going round in circles. It would help a lot if he just talked to Chris and told him how he felt, but it seems he's not yet ready for that.
Geoff must be a pretty cool teacher.
Haha, exactly what Dayton said afterwards ^^
And I like Geoff, I always like people who look younger than their age, like me.
I wonder what will happen at Geoff's.

cady x said...

I'm really starting to like Dayton. LOL. Keep going.

ellie said...

I wonder how Dayton is going to take this. I liked the openning to this.

simon n josh said...

Maybe things are looking up. Maybe Dayton needed a shove or a push there to open up.

Natalie (: said...

The picture of Dayton at the side looked so familar, and now I realize that he looks a lot like this guy at my school... kind of random, yes, hehe (:

But gah! Geoff keeps telling Dayton more and more about himself, but Dayton still won't open up to him. I wonder whats in store for the two of them back at Geoff's....

taffy. said...

Geoff's will be good.
How old is he, anyway?