making the cut

Geoff shown the scars on his wrist after he paid for the chocolate milk.

"I've done a lot of stupid shit," he nodded. "Did that when I was sixteen cause I thought I'd done the unthinkable when I blacked out from drinking. The girl I was with told me I raped her. Just didn't know at the time she told that to every dude she wanted to get back at, one last time. Yeah, Michelle was a piece of work."

Dayton just looked at him under the parking lot lights. It was getting frosty out, but his truck was still warm enough as to not have it quite yet. It was getting miserable out.

"Why would you do it? You know, slash your wrists?" Dayton nodded.

"It felt like the right thing to do at the time. I felt so lost. Didn't know what I was doing, nor what I'd done. If I was like that, I didn't need to be here. I guess." He opened his chocolate milk then and drank it. "She really just wanted to get her kicks. I guess. Things weren't all they were cracked up to be as it was. My car was run down. I wasn't exactly college material back then. I didn't even like her all that much, but then she'd go and get in some sort of drama and need me. It got old. Quick."

"I'm glad that didn't work out for you," Dayton shrugged then. "The wrist cutting."

"Yeah, ended up in the psych ward. It was all so stupid. I was afraid I'd go jail. Thinking, I'd never get my life back." Geoff was shivering then as the wind was picking up.

"But here you are." Dayton bit his bottom lip to keep from smiling. They got in the truck then and Dayton finally opened his chocolate milk. Dayton looked out the window then and smiled. Geoff wasn't into alcohol, and he knew why.


Cate said...

That Michelle girl must have been really horrible. Thinking how she'd destroyed Geoff's life by saying he raped her.
And I'm glad Geoff doesn't cut anymore.. I used to be pretty self-destructive too [but not by cutting], and every now and then it gets back to me but not so often anymore, thankfully.
Slashing your wrists, or destroying yourself, at least in my experience, is mostly a cry for attention.. it was in my case. But sometimes I would just feel so infuriated with myself that I'd take a dictionary and hit myself in the face with it.

I have to go to the orchestra now, so I'll just pick out a CD to listen to on the way.. :D

Lauren n Laleh said...

It sounds as if Geoff has grown up..as if he has these things to share with Daytona about himself. I wonder how immature he feels that Dayton is...

Liz said...

I feel bad for Geoff. =[ And I don't like the Michelle person, she should fall off a cliff and disappear forever more. <.< >.>

ellie said...

I think Geoff wants to know everything about Dayton..and the only way he knows is to talk about his past. I hope that gets through to Dayton.

taffy. said...

chocolate milk is the shit.
i adore geoff.

Natalie (: said...

Argh, I've missed a few posts :P

That Michelle person sounds pretty horrible. Telling someone they raped you just to get back at someone? That's just wrong. I'm really glad that the wrist cutting didn't work out for Geoff too. I hope that Dayton can open up to Geoff after he told him this pretty personal story.

cady said...

Wow. Pretending to be raped? That's just low.