remains of the day

Dayton didn't think he could see Geoff soon enough. Actually.

It was still so cold with Nancy. Just the two of them. How could it get better? Did she even really notice?

The house was immaculate. As if to hide something instead of living the good life.

"Things are so bad in Iowa, that's where all the bad stuff happens," Nancy told him. "I'm glad all our friends moved away. I've got better ones at the office, you know. They're all so much older and you know, they have money."

"Something we don't have." Dayton sat on the couch trying to get through a documentary on sea otters. It was making him sad all the while as if he was seeing his life go by, going much faster than what it could in the sands of an hour glass.

"I think you should see about working at my Uncle's gas station." She didn't smile when she said it.

"Why? So I can smell like gasoline?" He could be smug too.

"You have to do something? You can't just, just stagnate here." She started to cry and went off to the bedroom. He didn't follow. He remained straight lipped and did his best not to be concerned. It was rather easy. Maybe in due time, she'd just throw him out just as Bex did.

Funny, he never saw it really coming with Bex or did he? He squinted then thinking back how they'd been. It was the little stuff that had flubbed him up. No food. Threats of the power being shut off. And all those lapses of not seeing her because he was with Chris.


It stung him deep what he felt now. It was he who he missed the most. He missed him, terribly. Always would. It was a harsh reality, but it was true. He'd loved him the most and Dayton hated that it was true.

He closed his eyes thinking of Chris. His essence that he could almost remember, but not quite. That smile so calm and barely there, but it was, like an assurance of things to come that he'd always be there for him. Always. Until now.

Dayton jerked his cell out of his pocket. He wanted to call him just to hear his voice. But his cell buzzed instead. It was Geoff.


ellie said...

Its hard to wonder just how he and Nancy get along. She's quite bossy.

Cate said...

An immaculate house is seldom a good sign...
I had to laugh about the sea otters. But seeing life go by makes me sad too.
I said it once and I'll say it again: Chuck Nancy and call Chris!!!

dawn said...

i almost wonder if dayton doesn't love the idea of memory more than anything else? it seems to me that he has a hard time letting himself love/be loved. regrets are hard to live with.

btw, slumdog was brilliant. i really loved it and i loved the soundtrack too. i did a little studying of the slum culture in india. pretty fascinating and i really had no idea (me in my little safe, white bread world!)

simon n josh said...

He must depressed to. Nancy is definitely not supportive.

Ivy said...

He's very complicated. But I'm wondering how this Geoff is.