here goes something

Geoff was waiting for him outside. It was well into the night because Dayton waited until Nancy went to sleep.

"What did you do?" Geoff wondered. "Put something in her tea?"

"No," Dayton cracked up a bit. "What do you take me for?"

"I dunno." It felt like a big blank to Dayton. Did Geoff just want to put ideas in his head, or did he think he was that bad?

They went for a drive as if they had nothing else better to do. As if going to back Geoff's might mean something. Dayton didn't want it to mean anything, now did he?

"So what keeps you there?" It sounded like the burning question of the night.

"Don't have anywhere better to go, I guess." Dayton shrugged which was the truth. He thought he had more than this. More in his life. People he knew. Places to be, but he didn't. Maybe once things melted and it was spring, perhaps even summer... it would all be back. Old faces, parties, people to meet.

"That makes sense," Geoff nodded as if he understood.

"Does it?" Dayton winced.

"Its hard to be on you own," Geoff told him. "You have to take chances. They don't always pan out, but at least you tried. I bet you're a whole lot safer than you know."

"You think?" And he thought of Chris then. It was safe. Too safe. So safe he'd taken it for granted. He knew it now. It was clear as the crisp night out.

"I think you got a lot of thinking to do," Geoff just grinned, and they turned into the all night Walmart parking lot.

Here goes something-Nada Surf

Look around, what a mess
Anybody's guess
Here goes something
Yeah here goes something
Now change programs
Here goes something

Gravity's, big success
No one's taken off yet
Changing speeds, What a ride
Stir up your insides
Your majesty
Your majesty
Your majesty
Where we mean

Chasing light, dawn to bed
It came to me instead
Chasing light, dawn to bed
It came to me instead


ellie said...

I like the nada surf song. Going to Walmart. Naturally.

ellie said...

I like the nada surf song. Going to Walmart. Naturally.

Cate said...

I hope he'll get himself sorted out... I know he will, sooner or later.

Cady said...

I love Nada Surf.

Good stuff. Keep going.

what we needed said...

Open your eyes..dayton..hahaha..couldn't resist.

Keep going.

dawn said...

i think geoff hit the nail on the head..."safer than you know". what's dayton going to do with that? interesting to see.

simon n josh said...

I think Geoff can get to him. I hope.

Anonymous said...

thank you for leaving the sweetest comment ever :)

La C.

fan fic said...

I hope he opens up to Geoff.