after awhile

Dayton really hadn't wanted to tell Geoff what he did in his spare time. Walking through people's houses. Really, it would have been quite ridiculous to even imagine how to explain it to him. Anyway, Geoff liked drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. It really wasn't a long lunch at the diner, across the street. In fact, Dayton wished it had been longer. He should have thought more to say.

They talked a little bit about the local music scene. Music they liked. But he was sure Geoff would get bored of him after awhile. Maybe that's what Dayton was thinking.... he'd get bored of Geoff. Wasn't that like him? Getting bored so quickly of everything around him?

It amazed him how Geoff could just sit back and savor the moment. Dayton wanted that. He found out that Geoff was just twenty-four.

"Older than you," Geoff smiled. "I assume."

"But I'll be twenty this month."

"Huh," Geoff cracked a smile. "Can't be seventeen forever, now can you?"

"Yeah, the good old days." Dayton nodded. "I want to get this major body piercing thing, where you get hung from your back, my twenty-first birthday."

"Don't you have enough body piercings?" Geoff laughed, putting out his cigarette.

"Not yet," Dayton smirked. "I just want to, you know, this Native American thing."

"You're Native American?"

"Kind of." He shrugged. "Probably not enough to do me much good, but I think I had a great-grandmother who was half Cherokee or Apache or something."

"A real renegade," Geoff rubbed his goat-tee trying to keep a straight face.

Dayton couldn't help but smile then.

After lunch, Geoff wondered if he'd like to come over sometime, or he could stop by his place.
"No, she doesn't like for me to have friends." He had to squirm a bit just thinking about Nancy. Geoff had a way of making him forget.

"No friends? For real?" Geoff looked concerned as if maybe Dayton was being held hostage against his will.

"She won't let me see my best friend anymore," he sighed. "Seems, we get too wild. But she can get pretty wild herself on occasion." Dayton shoved his hands in his pockets.

"I'll have to just take you away from her, won't I?" Geoff gave him a firm handshake then. "I'll see you soon, all right?"

At least Dayton had his cell number.


Anonymous said...

i always love how you end the little posts :) leaves me satisfied yet wanting to know more!

La C.

Natalie (: said...

I didn't know Dayton was part (even if it's a tiny part) Native American! That piercing thing where you get hung from your back sounds interesting! I wonder what's in store for Dayton and Geoff's friendship, hmmmm.

what we needed it said...

woo..sounds painful. Wonder if thats just what Dayton is in to.

Sydney said...


an apache?!

i love your little twists ;)

Anonymous said...

I love these kind of conversations

simon n josh said...

I loved the opening..hmmm..renegade. perfect.

ellie said...

Dayton just keep surprising me..I like Geoff.

Liz said...

Hmm... I like Geoff. I'd like to know more about him, though. =]

dawn said...

isn't that called the sundance ceremony? the hanging by the skin ritual. yikes. i remember seeing a movie about that when i was young and absolutely lost it. but it's an impressive that men can do it and willingly do it also!