out of the corner of his eye

It was a shock to be under all the lights of Walmart. There were shoppers everywhere even if past midnight.

"Don't you know the freaks come out after midnight?" Geoff went to get himself a chocolate milk and tossed a plastic bottle of it to Dayton. He caught it.

"The only freaky thing I see is a dude like you drinking chocolate milk," Dayton slightly teased.

"Would your prefer Full Throttle or Red Bull?" Geoff stared at him then. Dayton made a grimace while Geoff walked off to check out the magazines.

Suddenly, Dayton caught Chris in the corner of his eye. There he was with a shopping basket full of pampers and baby formula. Dayton just stood there spellbound, watching. It almost took his breath away. What was happening? He felt light headed as he watched. He just hoped Chris didn't see him, especially with Geoff.

Finally Geoff snuck up from behind him and whispered in his ear, giving Dayton a shiver, "Who's that?"

"Nobody." Wasn't that the truth? Dayton didn't know what the hell was going on. There Chris was with a list and he was putting baby items in his basket.

"Doesn't look like nobody to me," Geoff told him. "Not the way you're looking at him."

"Just shut up." His eyes blurred a bit as he watched.

"Come on, lets go look at computers, or something." Geoff then pulled him along by the sleeve of his hoodie. "Talk to me."


Anthony luvs Johanna said...

What's Dayton thinking? I wonder if Chris will see him?

Cate said...

Whoa, that is really freakish, Walmarts being open until after midnight. Consumer generation.
Wow. It must be a shock for Dayton to see Chris buying baby stuff.

Cate said...

P.S.: School starts tomorrow for me, so I haven't worn my new dress for school yet, but I'll wear it tomorrow! :)

ellie said...

I hope Dayton will talk to him.

Liz said...

That must have shocked Dayton quite a bit. xD

So far I like Geoff, he seems like a nice guy. =]