lost cause

"You mind telling me what that was about?" Geoff gave him a hard look that he'd better spill. He wasn't one for keeping secrets.

"Nothing." Dayton shook his head.

"It was something. He's more than friend, isn't he?" Geoff wouldn't take his eyes off Dayton.

"No." Dayton swalllowed back the truth.

"You are such a shit, you know that." Geoff grinned. "Liar." He lipped the word but didn't say it. "You are so in love with him."

"I am not," Dayton winced. If they hadn't been in Walmart, he would have shoved Geoff then. "I don't want to talk about it." He said above a whisper. "Not here. Not anywhere, actually." Dayton walked away then.

"Jesus! Dayton," Geoff followed, "I'm not judging you, for godsakes, but if this shit is real, why in the hell are you with, you know who?"

"Because." Dayton squinted hard barely getting it out. "It just wouldn't be right." He finally turned back to Geoff as they neared the toy section.

"What century are you living in? This just blows me away." Geoff shook his head. He sighed then and looked back toward the car section. "How about I get myself a new cd player and you put it in for me. I could pay you."

Dayton wasn't so sure he heard him right.

"What?" Dayton remained even lipped.

"Yeah, I'm not much good with stereos. I screw up royally, usually, maybe you could help." Geoff shrugged.

"I dunno."

"Just say you will," Geoff smiled. "Thats all you have to do, and I'll give you this hundred and two twenties in my wallet." He was ready to hand over the money.

"That's too much." Dayton shook his head. He wouldn't take it. "If you want the job done right, you'd be asking him cause he's a whole lot better at that kind of thing than me. Doubt I can even follow the directions to the wiring kit."

"He was loyal wasn't he? And you fucked it up." Geoff just said even lipped.

Dayton just nodded. "Obviously, he found someone... with a kid, cause I can't think of Chris, you know- " Dayton sighed. He didn't know.

"Yeah, well, sometimes, you can't go back, but you can still learn from it." Geoff told him.


ellie said...

He needs Geoff to talk too.

what we needed said...

Hopefully, what was said ..was not all lost.

Cate said...

Geoff shouldn't be so quick. After all, he's known Dayton for like, a few days! So he can't expect Dayton to spill all his secrets to him, can he?

You made me laugh about that thing you told me your boyfriend did, with the power cord, haha!

taffy. said...

Geoff is so good for Dayton.
In fact, I think this is the first time I've read about dayton and not wanted to kill him.

Anonymous said...

the lbd is definitely a must have! :) so perfect for those of the moment occasions where there's no time to think of anything to wear!

La c.

dawn said...

well at first i thought geoff was going to just be there for dayton, but in this post he's really jumping down his throat. makes me wonder...i mean he acts indignant that it's a question of why dayton's with nancy, but wondering where he is in the mix with it all too. geoff's up against a lot if he wants a relationship with dayton...not to even mention all the emotional roadblocks that dayton puts up too.

hope you're surviving all the ice and snow :)

Sydney said...

i'm gla that geoff and dayton are getting closer.