keeping appearances

Geoff started in on the congratulation with Oliver and Bex. He didn't know them, but he was happy for them. Still he was a little hesitant of what Dayton might try next. What if he lost it? What if this just made him hate Bex more?

"Going from one extreme to the other, aren't you?" Geoff smiled. Then he saw the looks on their faces as if he needed to explain himself. "You know, this harsh winter all the way to the heat of July. Definitely have your work cut out for you, don't you?" He looked at Bex who looked as if she was trying to figure out his connection to Dayton, perhaps. Perhaps she knew Dayton better than Dayton could imagine.

Oliver smiled as he played around with the piece of pie.

"Yeah, I really hadn't thought of that," Bex said. "I just take one day at a time."

"Suppose that's all you can do," Geoff nodded. "You're not over doing it, I take it?"

"No, its hard to keep her still," Oliver told him. "She supposed to do all this sitting at work. But she keeps coming out to where I work in circulation." He then noted he didn't think he'd seen Geoff at the library. Perhaps he'd want to come in. "It would be a free membership."

"Not until those over-dues start coming in." Geoff drank at his coffee wanting a cigarette so badly. He kept looking at Dayton who remained mute. He wouldn't even try his cherry pie. "I guess Dayton better change his address the next time he comes in. He's staying with me for a while."

"He's not with Nancy?" Bex looked at him and then Geoff.

"Well, they have their differences. I'm not sure they can be worked out, but he needed a place to stay and-and he's looking for work, actually." Geoff did his best to make this sound positive instead of negative. "Right?" Geoff touched Dayton's back of his neck with a slight squeeze then to see if he was still there.

Dayton just nodded as he wasn't all that pleased Geoff had touched him. Geoff just went back to his coffee. He hadn't a clue what was going on in Dayton's mind.


Cate said...

I kind of like these encounters between people we know from the story, but who don't know each other.
Poor Dayton. Now I can't even realte to me saying he was an asshole a few months ago anymore.

Ivyoaks said...

I'm glad Geoff was there for him.

taffy. said...

I don't know what's going on with Dayton either! He seems a little disturbed?

Liz said...

This must have been a little awkward for Geoff, haha. Awww, poor Dayton, you can't help but feel bad for him now. =[

ellie said...

He's just speechless..what a fine time to let Geoff do all the talking.

cady x said...

Trying to break the tension. Is it working?