in the silence

Dayton sniffed slightly. Hoping no one knew what he really felt. It was gone now. All of it. Bex was really finished with him. No residue to speak of. She'd definitely moved on, and he could to. He really wanted to. Maybe he had. He was making changes. Even right now with Geoff. He so wanted to tell Bex how much he hated Nancy and could she tell him what happened to Chris. What had really happened?

But he couldn't. His throat was too parched to speak, and if he did as much as try the coffee or the pie...he was sure he'd spit it out all over the place. She'd see how fucked up he really was then. And it was just as well to let Geoff do all the talking. He was doing fine, wasn't he?

It was just so hard to be pleasant. He didn't know why. He wanted it. But, he felt lost now. It was as if she knew this other Dayton. And he wanted to say he wasn't that one. He was this other one. The real one who wasn't so gruff, filled with angst and so hypocritical.

But he sat in silence and before he knew it. It was time to go. Time to leave. Say goodbye. And he couldn't even do that. He felt as if he were in a fog of some kind. Perhaps he might faint if he watched them too long. He just had to let it go. Had to wait and watch. But he didn't know what he was watching for until it happened. It happened.

Geoff was paying the tab. Dayton had walked out behind them. It was so calm. So mundane. The cold waiting like a poison of some kind to wrap around them with the ice just waiting. Waiting for one to falter.

It almost took Dayton's breath away. It was a lot like the out come of the dream. There on the side walk was the aftermath. It had happened so quickly, a bit like a clumsy dance. Perhaps he'd looked back at Geoff paying the the bill. He didn't know. But when he looked around, there Bex was on the ground, laying in the ice.


taffy. said...

no. nononono.
oh god, i hope the twins are alright.

ellie said...

wow..its like he had foreseen it...you know....

fan fic said...

I love how you make me want to read more.

what we needed

dawn said...

wow cait, you've added an awesome twist to this story. so wonderful!
i feel so bad for dayton and worry about bex's babies. you have such a great ability to develop your characters with such intelligence and so many facets.