at the coffee shop

Dayton wore Geoff's flannel coat because it smelled of him. It was a comfort to say the least. Something to help him face Bex. He looked at it. She'd know it wasn't his, but it was too late to take it off. They were already at the coffee shop.

Of course, Bex and Oliver weren't there. They got a booth.

"This sucks," Dayton said right away as if he was sure they weren't going to show.

"Hang on," Geoff scooted in first. "We're early."

Dayton sat and his knee jerked out of nervousness. Geoff put his hand on his thigh. Dayton shot Geoff a look. This was a fine time to let him know he was that happy to see him, Dayton thought.

"Just calm down." Geoff almost smiled.

Dayton closed his eyes. He tried. But he thought of how he'd wanted to run over Bex and how she was there unconscious in the cold and the ice. What if it came true?

Just then Bex and Oliver showed up at the empty diner. They were the only customers. Bex didn't look like her self at all. She was in a sweat suit of some kind that she could have busted out of and Oliver looked more frail than ever with his hair tied back.

Dayton kept quiet as they sat down. He didn't shake hands. Neither did Geoff. It was more of a precaution, Dayton supposed. He certainly didn't want to expose either of them to anything he might have.

"Thanks for coming," Dayton nodded. "I'll pick up the tab. Least-" this was hard for him to say anything to her. "Its the least I could do." Actually, it was Geoff who'd pick up the tab since Dayton didn't have but some lint and maybe a nickle in his jeans.

"What is it?" Bex looked a bit out of it as if she was too tired to even talk to him.

The waitress came with water and asked for an order. Naturally, Bex ordered a cheese burger and a glass a milk. Oliver just wanted hot tea, but Geoff coaxed him and Dayton to try the cherry pie. And of course, coffee.

Dayton stared at his fingernails for the longest time. They were almost clean. Almost.

"Why didn't you tell me about this?" Dayton managed the words.

Bex looked at Oliver then back at him.

"The babies, you mean?" She squinted. "Is this what this is about?"

"Babies?" Dayton wanted to slide under the table. This was worse than he expected.

"Yeah, we should have the twins in July unless they come early," Oliver smiled then.

"And you're sure this has nothing to do with me?" Dayton looked at her then.

The waitress brought coffee then.

"Nothing at all." Bex gave him a solemn look.

Dayton sat there numb. He felt sad that it had nothing to do with him. Really, he knew if he spoke tears might come, and he knew Bex had never seen him cry before and he didn't want her to now.


taffy. said...

wait, what's going on with bex and ollie?

Cate said...

My knee always jerks when I'm nervous too ^^
Haha, I sort of imagine Bex like a whale now ^^ Sorry, that was mean.
Babies ^^ I had to laugh at Dayton's shock.
Poor Dayton. Realising that Bex really has nothing more to do with him must have hit him.

cady x said...

I love the utter humanity of these people.

And the fact that Dayton wanted to slide under the table made my day. Maybe it reminded me of that one episode of How I Met Your Mother.

Laleh and Lauren said...

I do feel bad for Dayton cause I think deep down he just might want a kid.

N a t a l i e. said...

It's odd to think that Bex never saw Dayton cry, while we know how emotional he really is. Aww, I just want to give him a hug! Hopefully Geoff will cheer him up and he can realize that this was for the best.

N a t a l i e. said...
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Roxy Motion said...

i've missed this story.

dawn said...

awww...it's kind of bittersweet. he'd probablly crap all over himself if he actually did have something to do with the pregnancy, but then it's a let down that he's not. sounds like bex is really getting ginormous!

what we needed said...

I feel sort of sad for Dayton.

simon n josh said...

aw..the last paragraph got to me.