just a thought

His initial reaction was to run Bex down. It was the most comforting thought he'd had in a long time. And when he awoke from that bad thought, it really shook him up. Did he have that sort of capability to do something so horrible? Well, she was huge. What had she done to herself? Worse, what had Oliver done to her? This was just horrible.

"You knew! And you didn't tell me!" What else had Nancy not told him? "What the fuck!" He slammed his fist into the counter when he found her at home in the kitchen.

"Well, she said not to tell you," Nancy twitched a bit at the threat that he might get ugly with her. As it was they'd been rather nice to each other, lately. Just being quiet at her place. Barely ever speaking to each other.

"Why didn't she want me to know?" He winced.

"Because you're an asshole." Plain and simple.

He had nothing to say to that.

"Well, she did marry him." Nancy told Dayton.

"So." Didn't mean nothing to him. "That might be my kid." He really hadn't thought of that until he said it.

"I highly doubt it." She was looking at recipes that he knew she'd never cook.

"But she said, she didn't want you to tell me." There. That had to mean something.

"Just leave Bex out of it, will you?"

"No." He squinted. "I can't. Not if I'm the father to her child."

"But you said you never wanted kids." She reminded him.

"Yeah." He shrugged. He'd never been kid friendly. He wasn't raised in a kid friendly home.

"Then let them alone. Let them start a family without you," Nancy winced back the logic of it. "It'll just mean you paying child support in the long run. You can't even support yourself."

Dayton licked his dry lips.

"Don't get any bright ideas, dumb ass." She looked at him crossly.

"You think I have any?" He just gave her a go to hell look.


ellie said...

You wonder what is he gonna to do. Is he bad or good?

cats n curses said...

Nancy is just mean. Dayton has met his match.

simon n josh said...

that line of hers about..dumb ass..made me laugh. Freaky.

taffy. said...

This is so sad, that Dayton has convinced himself Bex's child is his.

what we needed said...

I think it would be even more scary to know you might be that scary toward another person.

molly said...

yiiikes, creepy guy

dawn said...

i love how nancy doesn't even get ruffled about how intense dayton's reaction is to bex's marriage. why on earth are they even together? it's sad, really.

btw...slumdog rocked the globes, didn't it? so happy about that!