the bottom of the barrel

Dayton felt he walked around in daze for days thinking about Geoff and why Geoff felt the need to confide in him. Is that the way it was done?

He'd never talked so much to Nancy. Just didn't. And it was aggravating that she hadn't come clean about the herpes. She never said how. He wasn't sure he wanted to know. And then it came about like an after thought when in the middle of the night he noticed something.

He felt as if he'd been part of a B-rated sci-fi movie. But it was real. The burning, the itching, and swelling were all a part of the initial outbreak, and then the emotional side of it was just as bad. Maybe worse. It was so hard to deal.

She thought it was funny. It made him all the more bitter about her and everything else. He didn't want to have a thing to do with her after that. And yet, here he was, sleeping on her couch more alone than he ever thought he would be. Then to act like a couple in public. It was all a disgrace. There was nothing to look forward to, and now he'd pushed Geoff away.

Dayton was struggling with a cold too. He didn't even care if he had a birthday now. No one wanted him back home. He was in a perplexed state perhaps. Perhaps his brain had shut off. Or he was numb to everything. It wasn't going to get better. It just wasn't, was it?

He'd decided he'd never speak to Geoff again. There was no need to. And Geoff hadn't called, either. That hurt even more. Why hadn't he? He was supposed to call so he could at least hear his voice on his messages. But it hadn't happen as the weeks wore on. It was as if it was all digressing more.

Dayton had his outbreaks to contend with. He felt as if they were worse than before. Perhaps.

And then he saw her walking into the library one day while he was out driving just to be driving since that was one thing he could still do.


Cate said...

It is like that sometimes, that some people just walk up to a stranger, practically, and confide in him. Life is strange that way.
Oh noo.. Dayton got herpes too. And Nancy LAUGHED about it? I know girls who do that to their boyfriends, laugh about their miseries, and those girls are really cows.
I wonder who she is. I think it's Bex?

ellie said...

I do feel sad for Dayton. Like he's in a fix of some kind he can't quite figure out.

another.ellie said...

Woo..he's going through so much. He might be a bully of some sort...but there is this other side of him too.

taffy. said...

God damn Nancy.
is he going to talk to bex?

dawn said...

bye, bye geoff. poor dayton. he's licking his wounds and he's got plenty of them.

Natalie (: said...

I'm glad that Dayton could confide in someone, even if he didn't know him very well. But no! He shouldn't not (double negative but oh well) speak to Geoff again! He really needs someone to support him right now... I wonder who it is too; I'm thinking Bex?

cats n curses said...

Hey interesting ending here. I feel for Dayton.