out in the open

Dayton stood out in the hallway at the hospital hugging himself. He was pacing. It was as if he didn't know what else to do. What was the verdict now?

"Listen to me, please," Geoff caught his arm then. "You had nothing to do with this. Nothing."

Dayton shook his head. He didn't quite believe him. Perhaps he hadn't touched her, but in his mind she wouldn't have been there if he hadn't wanted to meet at the coffee shop.

Oliver was in the room with Bex who was hooked up to monitors and so much equipment that Dayton wasn't sure anyone could reach her if something did go wrong.

"Its just, I kept dreaming something like this was going to happen-" He looked up at Geoff who'd backed him against the wall now. Who's flat palm was resting on the wall next to Dayton. Geoff was so close, but Dayton wanted him close.

"Are you trying to tell me your psychic now?" He kept his voice low.


"Its not your fault." Geoff told him. "It was an accident."

"I don't believe that." He shut his eyes tight, trying to pray, but would he know what to say other than God help her. Them.

"Hey, you have to think positive," Geoff nodded touching his cheek, almost. "I never thought of you as bad. Misunderstood, but you're not a monster." It sounded like a promise to Dayton who pressed his lips tight trying to keep it together before he lost it.

He looked up then and saw a male nurse coming in green scrubs. His dark hair flicked away from his solemn eyes, and Dayton couldn't help but stare. Wasn't that Bex's brother?

Geoff broke away from Dayton then as they stood there waiting to see if the nurse would even stop to say anything.

"You were there when it happened, weren't you?" The nurse just stared at Dayton.

"I swear, I didn't do anything." Dayton sighed, wondering how bad this was going to be. "You're Bex's brother, aren't you?"

"Yes, I am." He remained rather formal though. "And you're her ex?"

Dayton just nodded. "I hadn't seen her in months, and I -" What was he supposed to say. "Is she gonna be OK?

"She did break both legs."

Dayton felt weak then. "Both of them?" He winced. How could that have happened? "Holly shit." His eyes lit.

"But so far so good with the babies. They're just fine." He nodded.

"You're sure?" He asked. Dayton thought it best not to see Bex. Dayton was sure that was the last person she wanted to see.

"I think she'll be just fine."

"I hope so." Dayton tried to smile as her brother walked away. "I could of swore he was a preacher or a missionary or something, but never a nurse." He then said to Geoff.

"You know him?"

"Not really." Dayton shook his head, thinking there was something else he wanted to ask him, but he wasn't sure what that was.


cady x said...

Haaaa. Max the Nurse.

Ahh, Dayton. Feeling guilty about Bex. It makes me feel like hugging him or something.

ellie said...

To see Max of all people. Aw..poor Bex..and I feel bad for Dayton, too.

taffy. said...

the babies are good! it's nice seeing this change in dayton.

Cate said...

So glad to catch up again with blue hearts.. I wasn't even at the computer yesterday, I can't believe it!
I beliebe Bex's accident was... well, an accident, but I can understand why poor Dayton feels responsible..
Bex's brother.. And Chris's boyfriend. Poor Dayton.
Both legs% Oh no. That's hard.
Max is like this mystery person in a film, who always shows up everywhere ;D

Ivyoaks said...

Poor Bex. & then Max dropping by.wwwwwooooo. hmm..what's next?

Cate said...

Where I've been? I've introduced a new "regime" because I've been sitting at the computer too much: Every morning, I write down a list of "priorities", things I want to do before I sit at the computer, so that I don't sit at the computer the whole time. It works pretty well ^^