in the quiet

"Huh," Geoff sat back on the couch. "Not sure how to take that." It felt a little awkward now. What did it mean?

Dayton was sitting forward looking at what was left of his hot chocolate.

"I thought-" Geoff just nodded pushing his thick dark hair back. "You think I'm boring."

"I never said that." Dayton looked back at him. He put the cup on the coffee table then.

"Or that I scared you," Geoff looked away then with a frown.

"There's something." Dayton nodded.

"Like what?" But Geoff didn't wait for an answer. "You could stay with me as long as you want. You don't even have to talk to me if you wish."

"But I do," Dayton said almost looking at him, but then he looked away. "Quit making me out to be somebody-"

"That you're not." Geoff finished his sentence.

Dayton sucked in a breath then.

"Just be who you really are," Geoff winced. "Don't be afraid." Geoff reached out and touched his back.

He felt Dayton slightly shaking, and yet he sensed deep down there was a craving of some kind waiting for Geoff to find. He drew him in, and slowly Dayton laid down on the couch, using Geoff's lap for a pillow.

Geoff combed his fingers through Dayton's hair. There was a sense of peace then when Dayton reached for his hand and placed Geoff's fingers across his chest.


Liz said...

Awww, Dayton finally has a peaceful moment. You kind of feel sorry for him after all that's happened. =[

Cate said...

That's what I thought too. A peaceful moment for Dayton. I won't disturb it by speculating about what Nancy might do. Sorry I'm always speculating so much in your comments.

Natalieeee [: said...

I'm glad that Dayton is finally having a peaceful moment too. Hopefully this is the first of many with Geoff! Maybe this can be a turning point for Dayton.

taffy. said...


cady x said...

Wonder where this is going to go.

Ivy said...

I like them together.