When Dayton met Geoff down at the clinic, he wasn't sure if he was going to faint or shit his pants. He did his best not to care, either way. He wasn't going to care because it seemed his destiny was to be stuck with ever so Miss Perfect who was killing him slowly.

Geoff wasn't all that talkative, either. Wasn't like they had anything to talk about. Just to get checked out and more meds. The usual.

Except it was colder than usual. Icy. Dayton didn't know if he could even take much more of this winter that had just gotten here. He was ready to fly off somewhere. Restless. Bored. He could hardly keep still.

Unlike Geoff who seemed consumed with some crossword puzzle he was doing, or one of those other notebook games that Dayton had given his Dad who always liked them when he was sitting on the pot, doing his business.
Finally, Geoff noticed he was watching him scratch out stuff in his little notebook of games.

Dayton asked if they could share a cigarette, while waiting. It was taking forever. It seemed. So they went out in the cold just to take the edge off and shiver a bit.

"Do you have a problem?" Geoff gave him a quick smile.

"What do you think? Do you?" Dayton quipped right back as if the dude needed to shut up. That he liked him better when he was quiet.

Geoff slyly laughed and breathed in the cigarette to hand back to Dayton. He kept smiling though.

"What?" Dayton was cross. It was best to keep that way since he didn't have to count on much.

"You look sad," Geoff bit his bottom lip as if he was in deep thought. As if Dayton were in those thoughts. Possibly.

"I'm past that shit," Dayton was smug about it.

"I guess you would be," Geoff winced. "I've seen you here before."

"Oh yeah," Dayton had no idea he was being watched. He almost smiled.

"You come alone, don't you?"

"Usually." This was the only place he knew that was willing to help him in the situation he was in. Perhaps they thought he was a threat to society. He would have thought they would have given him dog tags by now in regard of his disease.

That cigarette went out too soon.

"If you like, we could have lunch after we're done?" Geoff offered.

Dayton's stomach grumbled.

"That was a yes, was it?" Geoff cracked up then. Dayton supposed.


Cate said...

Man, Dayton! Don't be so pessimistic about everything! You don't HAVE to stay with little Miss Nancy Avril for ever!
Geoff seems okay. That last paragraph cracked me up too.

dawn said...

"faint or shit his pants". hilarious. love it!

btw....i hope you'll keep talking and not stay so quiet. you have a lot of wonderful things to say and someone will hear you.:)

ellie said...

Oh, this should be some lunch. I guess. Dayton is a hard nut to crack..so to speak...

Sydney said...

i'm back!