first thing

Naturally, Nancy wasn't at home. Dayton didn't call her at work. They just went to get his things. Of course, she still had his X-Box 360 locked up in storage along with all his games. That pissed him off the most that she'd held on to his prized position as a hostage.

"You'll get it back," Geoff kept assuring him. "As long as you keep your cool, everything it going to be fine."

Dayton kept wanting to hear that through the day because Bex was reluctant to meet them at the coffee shop close to the library. Of course, she'd have her husband with her. This had come to a shock to him. He thought he'd lost his hearing for a moment when she told him this over the phone.

"Who did you marry?" He'd found himself asking, remembering it was Oliver, but he'd hoped Nancy had lied about that. And then when she said Oliver's name, it stung him deep.

So it was good to get his things together at Nancy's. Perhaps it was a good thing she wasn't there, but Geoff told him he had to write her a note. Tell her, at least that he was going.

"You write it," Dayton said.

"I'm not going to write a note for you," Geoff laughed.

"Well, what am I going to say?" Dayton hated writing. Period. It was something he'd never been good at. His handwriting was horrible and putting words together wasn't much better.

"Just tell her it would be better for the both of you if you moved out." Geoff told him.

Dayton just shook his head. "You write it down. Honestly, I'm not good with a pencil between my fingers. I'm so bad no one can figure it out, most of the time."

"All right," Geoff said. "But you have to sign it."

"Yeah, sure." Dayton nodded. "Make sure to tell her I want my X-Box 360 and all my games."

"Of course."

"I'm not giving her key back until I get everything," Dayton said.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?"

"Hell yeah, " Dayton winced.


ellie said...

Dayton and his x-box 360..he's something of a kids.

Ivy said...

I like Dayton's last line.

Cate said...

Hey Cait!
Nancy, that bee-yotch.
Thinking of Bex and Ollie as husband and wife... it's weird. And I wonder how that meeting will turn out!
Haha, I had to laugh about Dayton hating to write ^^
I'd love to read that note.

taffy. said...

he had better get that x-box!

N a t a l i e. said...

Stupid Nancy, I hope Dayton can get his stuff back. But aw, his handwriting can't possibly be worse than my dad's! I need him to translate it to me, haha :P

another.ellie said...

I'm glad Geoff can put up with this. Dayton is something.

dawn said...

go dayton! it's a step in the right direction.