Geoff hadn't been in anything quite this complicated since Michelle. What was he trying to prove?

He was asking for too much, and he knew it. And he wanted to say just forget it. But he couldn't.

"I'm sorry," He shut his eyes tight.

It frightened Geoff a little that it had come to this because he'd decided it couldn't. Dayton was pretty clear that he didn't care for him. It was just something that wouldn't be. Geoff had always been the one in need or the one with the problem and now someone worse off had come along. Was he ready for someone like Dayton?

"I know you've got a lot on your mind with what you said last night about Bex?" That alone could change everything. He knew. A child could change a person. "And if that's what you need to do first, I'll go with you so you won't have to feel- so alone." He cleared his throat then. "But, us, that can wait, you know. As long as you want. I mean, just get out of Nancy's place first of all. I'll help you find something. Some kind of work. I think that's what you need. You need to find something that can take your mind off these other problems."

"I feel better already," Dayton said. "I mean, it was hopeless at Nancy's. She doesn't even let you shit in her bathroom."

"I guess that would be a little troubling," Geoff cleared his throat. "Call her. Tell her you're moving out."

Dayton just nodded.

"Then call Bex. Get that out of the way." Geoff felt a bit jittery. Perhaps too much coffee.

"You know, I'd have to see her," Dayton sighed.

"Of course."

"You think she'll see me?" Dayton seemed scared about her.

"You won't know until you try." Geoff tried his best to smile. It was good he had a day off from school.


Cate said...

About "safety bricks":
-Yeah, it's true that you can never really start from the start. You can't just erase a part of your life.
-Cool that Geoff has chickens!! Their fresh eggs must be good! Mmm... Scrambled eggs and toast... I think I'll make that for dinner today :D

I agree with Geoff though - Dayton should really break up with Nancy. I think he should do it either way, if he moves in with Geoff or not.
What? Nancy doesn't let Dayton shit in her bathroom? She's truly nuts.

N a t a l i e. said...

Aww hehe. I love that Geoff has chickens too; Mattie, Sadie, & Geraldine! (:

But yes, Dayton needs to clear everything up with Nancy first and foremost because who knows what she's going to be like. And definitely talk to Bex. Geoff really does have some great advice for Dayton, let's hope that things can be sorted out.

ellie said...

Yeah, I don't think Geoff wants to complicate thing.

Dayton is so well..Dayton.

another.ellie said...

Dayton seems to have changed. Like he's no longer in ice, you know.

another.ellie said...

Dayton seems to have changed. Like he's no longer in ice, you know.

taffy. said...

geoff, i hadn't started worrying about his feelings until now. he's so good to dayton, i hope it lasts.

Ivy said...

Thanks for the comment. hmmm..I really think Dayton is going to be better with Geoff.

dawn said...

nancy doesn't let dayton shit in her bathroom? that's just wrong.....

wondering about geoff? what motivates him really? just curious. he's trying so hard with dayton, but surely he must know that dayton is way confused about everything to really give him much...no?

saw revolutionary road last night. one word....superb. it's still with me today. have you seen it?