Dayton couldn't help it. He went to sleep long before Geoff who was up reading. It was quiet out the country. The sirens of bad problems were hardly a fading sound now. He had no idea he could fall asleep so quickly. He didn't fight it, either. Not a thought in his head about Chris nor even Tony shouting commands as if he was just a dog, and Nancy meant nothing to him now. As soon as his head had hit the pillow he was out like a light.

But somehow in the moonlight night as it shined brightly off the snow, Dayton woke up suddenly as if he didn't know where he was. At least Geoff was next to him and Dayton felt his warmth immediately. He smiled as he breathed in his hair, he wrapped his arm around his chest, even rested his bare leg over Geoff's bare leg. There was a sudden urge to want to be with him as if Geoff needed to know he hadn't forgotten, but Geoff was sluggish at first to respond.

Dayton kissed his neck, breathed in his ear. There was almost a smile on Geoff's face in the silvery light. He hoped he hadn't annoyed him. Only Geoff hadn't awaken. Dayton laid back on his pillow then, looked toward the moonlight coming through the window.

He felt relaxed here. Dayton couldn't remember a time when he'd felt this much energy pumping through him. Of course, he really hoped Tony would go easy on him, but he knew he shouldn't expect it. It was work. He actually put him on a payroll. He couldn't imagine it. Still.

Dayton felt a little sad thinking Geoff would figure out sooner or later he wasn't the best tool in the shed. He'd probably had better lovers. Of course, Dayton's outbreaks still worried him even if he hadn't had a one since he'd been here.

It was so quiet now. So still. Dayton's closed his eyes slightly sensing sleep. And then Geoff kissed him. When Geoff touched him it was a thrill. He felt his heart beat surge as he kissed him more. Geoff was wide awake now.


Cate said...

I bet Dayton fell asleep so easily because Tony had him work so hard.
I'm surprised Geoff didn't wake. He must have a very sound sleep. --- Oh. Now he did wake up :-)

Thanks for your sweet comment. It cheered me up. <3

taffy. said...

I'm sure Geoff already knows, just doesn't think so.

N a t a l i e. said...

Aww (: I'm glad that Dayton can sleep better now, both because it's quieter out in the country, and because he knows that he has Geoff right there beside him.

zoƫ said...

thanks for the comment on my blog :)
yes alex wang is sheer brilliance, i swear .

ps i like the concept of writing a novel-ish thing on the web . im sooo far behind on yours but im going to try to catch up because so far i really like it .

fan fic said...

Great, yeah, I think Geoff knows & I'm pretty sure Dayton will too.

ellie said...

Aw...Dayton. How could he think such things...heheheee...

dawn said...

i'm guessing that patience geoff has is paying off...dayton seems to finally be allowing himself some real intimacy. good for him!

cait-thanks for the recipe! i love the nutmeg addition and have copies it off to try this weekend. is there nothing you can't do? you're talented, smart, and you cook too! a real renaissance girl! :)

Anonymous said...

I am soooooooooooo confused can you fill me in?