at dinner

Geoff had some roasted vegetables with pasta in the oven. He wasn't so sure how well Dayton would go for that since as of yet he hadn't seen Dayton eat one vegetable, but he thought he might take his chances.

He'd been at school all day and was glad to be home, and was of course anxious to find out how Dayton's day went.

"Fine." Dayton told him as if that was enough for him to know.

"So you think you can make it another day with Tony?" Geoff asked while setting the table.

"Guess so." He seemed indifferent though. Geoff had expected as much but was hoping he'd like Tony. But he guessed that would take some time. He had wanted to call Tony to see how it went, but he thought he'd give til the end of the week.

"Everything all right?" Geoff looked at Dayton.

He just nodded, watching Geoff get out the pasta covered in cheese.

"You're being awful quiet?" Geoff told him.

"Am I?" His eyes lit, but he took a seat at the kitchen table and waited for Geoff to hand him over a plate of it. He buttered himself a slice of bread.

"So you hate it?" Geoff sat down with his plate then. "At the playhouse."

"No, no its just fine. I like it." Dayton bit into a piece of squash then and let it sit in his mouth for a bit before he swallowed.

"So you'd go back."


"Then whats wrong?" Geoff chewed on some Penni then.

"Nothing." Dayton picked out the mushrooms and the onions too. It was quiet while he did surgery on the casserole or what he would and wouldn't have in his mouth. "I just saw Chris."


"Yeah, I ate at McDonalds on the way home cause I didn't have lunch. That's the only reason why I stopped there. And he was in McDonalds."

"So you talked to him?" Geoff nodded.

"Kind of. He wasn't alone."

"He wasn't?" It felt like pulling teeth to get anything out of Dayton, or so Geoff thought.

"No, it was this baby, real cute too, he's adopting her." Dayton winced as he forked a noodle.

"And that bothered you?"

Dayton just shrugged. He ate then as if he didn't want to talk about it. He even ate at the squash.

"Maybe I just envy him, you know." Dayton buttered another slice of bread. "Its not like I miss him. I mean, I was good to see him. I just think, wow, who in the hell could Chris possibly be in love with to do some thing like this. And then I start to wonder would I ever do something so unselfish?"

"You never know," Geoff just smiled.

"Yeah, I'd probably kill a plant if I had one." Dayton said a bit sad. He cleaned his plate in the trash of all the things he wouldn't eat.

"I guess you're glad you ate at MacDonald's?" Geoff smiled knowing he wouldn't be making this again.


ellie said...

Hmm..hopefully this won't complicate things between Geoff & Dayton.

Ivyoaks said...

Poor Geoff and that casserole. Hope it works its self out.

cady x said...

HA, Geoff. He's so patient.

I can't really blame Dayton, though. I do that dissection thing a lot with pizza. And other things . . .

taffy. said...

Dayton will get constipation!

blue hearts said...


dawn said...

i agree with cady. geoff is incredibly patient. just what dayton needs.