fast food

By the time Tony called it quits for the day it was almost five in the evening and Dayton didn't realise he hadn't had lunch until he got in his pickup truck. He was famished. All the hammering and fixing and what not. For an old man, Tony could walk the miles out of him. He'd have to find pieces of wood to make into a real shelf. Painting needed to be done. But Dayton never stopped. He'd try to finish anything Tony wanted him to start on the set. And now his back was sore. So were his hands. Even his fingers were raw.

He saw a billboard on the way home on the freeway for MacDonald's Mac-Rib. Buy a value meal and get an extra one just for a dollar. He could handle that and still be ready for whatever grub Geoff might have to offer when he got home.

He stopped at his favorite MacDonald's where he and Chris used to stop when they were hungry. He wasn't waiting for a long drive through, either. He went right in an ordered. There was no waiting.

Of course, when he turned to find a seat, the first person he spotted was Chris. There he was with a baby which wasn't quite a toddler, but it was rather content in Chris' arms. Dayton thought it best to ignore Chris completely. He was supposed too, wasn't he?

He sat down and wolfed both of the sandwiches, immediately. They weren't quite as good as he remembered, but he was hungry. He sucked on the cola and looked back at Chris, not meaning too.

Chris saw him, but he didn't say anything.

It got to Dayton. He didn't want him to leave without saying something to him.

"Hey, what are doing with a baby?" Dayton got up then and took a closer look at the blue eyed blond infant.

"Just, uh helping out a friend of mine," he was his coarse usual self.

"Well, I don't know who's baby that is, but it looks an awful lot like Oliver if you ask me." Dayton couldn't help noticing.

"Really?" Sounded like a surprise of some kind to Chris as he looked at her.

"What's her name?" Dayton asked.


"Nice name, we used to have a cat named Chloe." Dayton just nodded. He finished up his drink then and sat down.

"I'm not with Nancy anymore," Dayton shrugged.

"She kick you out?"

"Nope, I moved out before she could, but she's still got my X-Box 360. I gotta get that back." He said very casually.

"You move back home?" Chris winced.

"Nope," Dayton shook his head. "I don't think they won't me back."

"But your working, right?" Chris nodded.

"Guess so. Its been a while, but yeah, I'm trying."

"That's good." Chris kept his eyes on Chloe though as he fed her a bottle of formula.

"Can you tell me what's really going on?" Dayton asked looking Chris over. "You can tell me, you know."

"Whats going on with you?" Chris shot him a look.

"Just staying with somebody. I'm trying not to ask for much, you know," Dayton told him. "I'm awful good at fuck'n stuff up. I don't want to do that again. Not this time."

"I see." Chloe was going to sleep on Chris then. "I hope it works out this time. If it all works out for me, Chloe's gonna be my daughter."

"Your daughter?" Had he heard him correctly. "You serious?"

"Well, I'd kind of hoped it would be somebody else's, but they liked me for some strange reason when we filled out all the paperwork." He smiled then.

Dayton smiled back at him. He supposed Chris was definitely in love with someone to take it this far.


Cate said...

Oh no! I wonder what Dayton's going to do now he saw Chris!!
I love McDonald's.
I'm glad that Dayton took the first step to talk to Chris.
OMG! Looks like Oliver? Maybe it's Izzy's and Oliver's baby --- Oliver was afraid Izzy might get his baby, wasn't he?

ellie said...

Interesting conversation with Chris..about the baby..who's baby. So many levels stuff going on here. Cool.

N a t a l i e. said...

Hmm! They're encounter seemed to go smoother than I thought it would. I'm glad that Dayton got the courage to talk to Chris, now at least he's got some answers.

taffy. said...

I'm glad Dayton is reacting well.
he's really... grown up?

Sydney said...

mickey d's...

so good.

it's like a huge update for chris.