no news is good news

Naturally, Bex's Dad was his sweet self. Always glad to hear from her. He lived in Florida. Of course, he was after her that she should move there.

"Why do you want to live in the cold?" He knew she wanted to be near her mother in the Midwest, but he didn't ask about her instead he asked about Max.

"I haven't heard from him in a good long while. I wasn't sure if he was still off being a missionary or just what. I just figured no news was good news," her dad then said.

"Well, he's back. He's here now." Bex felt her Dad wanted to know more about him than her. "You should come out when we have the wedding. Max is going to do the ceremony. He's at this little church now. He seems happy."

"All right, you think your mother will come?"

"Doubtful," Bex tried to smile. "Maybe she's just not ready to be a grandma yet."

"Well, I'm ready to be a grandpa," he told her. "I was just hoping it would be Max telling me he was starting a family."

"I think he's a confirmed bachelor," Bex supposed. "I don't see that happening."

"Twins," her dad sounded so happy. "You and Dayton are moving along there pretty fast."

"Dad, I told you I'm marrying Oliver. Dayton is with someone else now." Bex wondered how many times she could explain this to him.

"Oh, that's right, is he English?"

"Well, he speaks English, if that helps," she shrugged, never sure what to make of his questions sometimes.

"I can't wait to meet him," it was the best news Bex could want. She really wished her Dad lived here and her mother lived in Florida.


Cate said...

Bex's dad seems a good guy. And Max, a confirmed bachelor... I admit it could look like that ^^
Oh yeah, I remember faintly about something about bex and Oliver getting engaged but you're right, as a reader one quickly loses touch of Bex and Oliver's life because we've been focusing on Max and Chris lately...

♥MademLoveBug♥ said...

first off i feel bad for your friend getting pregnant and all.(protection to the rescue)but your comment was well appreciated and was very intelligent
and i must say bex's dad is much better than i thought he would be ;)

taffy. said...



anyway, does bex know about chris? like, i figured that she had figured out the whole thing by now.

ivy fan fic said...

I'm glad her dad is sweet.

Natalie! said...

Bex's dad sounds really nice. And like my dad, a little clueless. He didn't even know who his own daughter was marrying, haha :P But he seems really sweet and supportive.

dawn said...

dads...haha they mean well don't they? i wish i still had mine..:)