Getting the paperwork done for the marriage license wasn't as complicated as Oliver thought, but as he looked through it now, he had to think if he'd actually asked Bex to marry him. Had he? And forgot? He'd dreamed about it from a long time ago when he first laid eyes on her. And it would be something out of the ordinary, like from a movie, perhaps. And now it seemed so settled. Distracting, yet settled.

It was just a blur to him.

Bex was on her cell with her Dad. Oliver figured it was about time he did the same. Really, he hadn't meant to keep anything from his parents. It was just so strange. He wasn't sure what to expect. He doubted he could even track his father down. He hadn't even tried although the phone numbers were all there in his cell. He was just a click away. Of course, he'd been on the phone a lot with his mother about Izzy. His mother even dreaded the phone calls. And he supposed his mother was calling his Dad about Izzy. Maybe, but he'd seemed to have washed his hand of the Izzy matter when he said she had the house, and he'd done his part. He hoped that meant he had the house now. He was afraid to ask. As it was, he knew his father thought of him as a failure and had given up on even giving him spare change. Of course, he could never remember his father even giving him lunch money.

"You're a starving artist, get used to it," his father had told who was none to pleased when he wanted to go to art school. He was definitely the tough love sort. Always had been. Oliver had a feeling he was from a long line in his family that were like that. He hated the thought that he might be the same with his own family, someday. So he'd put a lot of things off and now it all seemed to be hitting him at once.

"Hey, we're going to move you this week," Max called him on his cell.

"We are?" Oliver kind of wondered what his Dad would think of the news. Of course, he supposedly lived there, but that was to take care of Izzy which apparently he didn't do. Oliver thought he might be getting an ulcer with all this excitement.

"The sooner its over the better it'll be," Max assured him.

"Right?" Oliver was still a little apprehensive.

"Chris and I can load most of it up," Max reminded him of Chris' truck. "Call Nelson, he could help."

"Nelson?" Bex must have mentioned Nelson to Max.

"If he's a friend, he'll help." Max told him.

Oliver was beginning to feel dizzy. "I don't even have an engagement ring for Bex," Oliver mumbled, thinking this was the last thing Max wanted to hear. "I don't even know if my Dad will want me in his house." He was fighting back the urge to have a meltdown.

"I'll take care of the ring," Max told him. "All the rings. I know what Bex likes. You call that father of yours, tell him everything, and if he can't take good news then we'll find you a place to live. But right now, you're moving in there because it is yours, and I don't think he could sale it for anything at the moment."

Oliver just nodded. Max was giving him a little confidence, but he still hated the idea of talking to his father.


♥MademPokerFace♥ said...

ooh this is a tuffy for oliver but he'll pull through :)

Cate said...

Yaya... Not remembering a proposal is sort of bad, it is ^^ But he can't well say that - oh, I don't even wanna imagine the scene ^^
It's funny how Max uses Nelson's name... He doesn't really know him, does he? I'm always happy when my friends get 'in touch' with some other friends of mine who they don't know, even if it's just using their name.

taffy. said...

ollie's dad... i'm excited to see what he's like!

Laleh n Lauren said...

I kind of feel for Oliver..if he's got a Dad like that.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious???? Mairage license??????

ellie said...

Well, I guess you'll need a marriage license if you want to get married and it to be legal. That's what my friend's mom had to do.