you could be happy

It was all coming together. At least Max thought so when it came to the marriage and the move and even Christmas. But it was miserable out. Plain cold.

Thankfully, Chris's hand was just about as good as new. And he figured the two of them could get Bex's things moved. Of course, she hadn't done much, and he knew she might have a fit if she knew they were going to get this started earlier than later. It was a mess, but Max figured as much. He didn't want her doing any of this.

"Quit fighting me on this," he said before she ever got a mouthful out that she could take care of the packing and even the lifting. "You're not. You have to just go away for the day. Maybe go Christmas shopping."

"Do I have too." She looked hurt that he wouldn't let her stay.

"You'll just be in the way," Max said.

Bex looked at Chris as if he might have a different answer, but all he did was shrug and got busy wrapping up all her light houses. She stood there watching with her hands on her hips.

"What are you wearing to the wedding?" Max then asked as he was doing his best to put things in the kitchen in boxes.

"I haven't thought much about it." Bex rolled her eyes. "I'll look hideous in anything I wear."

"No you won't." He had to coax her somehow into getting a move on.

"Maybe I'll wear black," she said trying to offend him.

"Even Laura Ingalls Wilder wore black on her wedding day," Max reminded her. "And she even called her husband, Manly for a good long while."

"Don't remind me, how everyone is treating Oliver about me at the library," She was in a huff then.

"So what," Max had heard that not everyone thought of them as a couple. "It'll work out. Just go, will you." He so wanted to call his Mom and tell her to tend to Bex, but he couldn't. It would just make things worst. "Don't you have any girlfriends you could call and do something with?"


Chris shot Max a look then that he better be quiet and just get back to packing.

Max just sighed, he guessed they were all in this together. Best to have Bex here so she could tell them what not to do.


ellie said...

I think they are more a like than they know. Maybe Max knows Bex better though.

Cate said...

Wow, it never occurred to me until now that Bex hasn't any girlfriends! Now it's so clear, there aren't really any other girls around her. She seems to me the kind of girl who gets along ok with guys, but being this 'princess', but who wouldn't get along well with girls.
Wow, if I was marrying, I would already have made a million plans! I would have been trying dresses on, chosen a cake, everything! One could almost get the idea that Bex isn't that keen on the wedding!

dawn said...

bex just has such a wall around her all the time. i think she's really very lonely inside. she puts on such a cranky front all the time masking it. i think babies are going to soften and open her up in the kindest way. she'll be surprised i bet. babies can do that...in a profound way and even more so than loving another man or woman.

taffy. said...

hahaha, oh, bex.

i hope she finds the perfect wedding gown!

maybe max can buy it for her?

Natalie! said...

That's good that Chris's hand is finally healed, and hopefully since Max came along, more of him besides his hand is hand has been healed too. *haha, cheeseyness*

Awh..., I never really noticed that Bex really doesn't have any girl friends either. That must get lonely sometimes :/

Ivy said...

They have their hands full with Bex.