in the right hands

Bex was not going to speak to Nancy. Never again, would she. She would just act as if she wasn't there. But of course, everything changed when Nancy's mouth fell open.

"OH MY GAWD!" She almost shrieked as if she'd seen a monster. "It is true. You are gonna have a baby."

"I suppose." Bex didn't like to talk about it. For now, yes it was sinking in - life with others in her stomach. But it could all change in a blink of an eye. It was like walking a tight rope. She wouldn't know for sure of anything until the twins got here. Instead of being excited, it was more like a journey she was trying to get the hang of.

"Well, I'd heard from someone somewhere, I don't remember who, but wow," Nancy was all smiles. "I'll have to tell Dayton."

"Don't." She'd rather he not get the idea that maybe by along shot that this had anything to do with him because it didn't.

"Why not?" She looked at her as if she were nuts.

"He doesn't care." Which she believed was true. "So how are you?"

"All right," she looked at Bex's stomach and then up at Bex. "You know we're together now, Dayton and me." She made it sound as if she'd picked up the pieces of Dayton and somehow made him all better.

"I heard," Bex said. "Chris told me."

"Chris?" Nancy looked annoyed now. "I told Dayton he couldn't speak to him never again."

"Whats wrong with Chris?"

"Chris always got Dayton drunk. He was never good for him. Not at all." Nancy told her. "I've straightened him out." It was as if she had him in school or something.

"Good. Good for both of you." Bex just nodded, but she had a feeling it was Dayton who got Chris drunk for the most part. She smiled then, thinking how discontent Dayton must be. "It was good seeing you," Bex then said and Nancy walked on to do her shopping then.

"You handled that amazingly well," Oliver smiled, putting his arm around her.

"I know." She thought so too.


Cate said...

Oh, information travels really fast ^^ Nancy - I always picture her as a sort of Barbie. But her behaviour of 'straightening Dayton out' doesn't really fit that... Maybe I'll have to rethink my imagination. :) But I don't believe it was Chris who always got Dayton drunk either.
So - is it sure now that the twins are Oliver's?
But I also think that Bex handled the Nancy situation well. There's no need to be 'enemies'.

taffy. said...

Haha, Ollie always makes the best background comments.

I hate the light that Nancy sees Dayton in, Dayton is... nothing. He sucks.

dawn said...

bex certainly did handle her perfectly. nancy was trying so hard to bait her. bex rocked that.

btw- you must've had a birthday recently, no? i hope it was wonderful and full of happiness and surprises!

ellie said...

Bex is stronger than she even knows. I think.