falling in or out

Max found this both exhilarating and tiring. The move. Why had he said they'd do it? There was so much to do at church with Christmas coming. The wedding. A white wedding gown covered in delicate lace with an empire waist was waiting for Bex. Max found the rings at a local jeweler. White gold. Rather simple yet more like an heirloom than anything else. He knew deep down Bex always wanted to be a pioneer. She loved all the Little House books when she was small, but somehow she always came out more of the city girl like Nellie Olsen instead, but of course, Bex would never believe that. Maybe that would change. Perhaps Bex needed her own little house. Although, it was old and Victorian and hopefully the bones of it were still strong.

Chris had to change the thermostat at Oliver's and had uncovered the pink wall paper that used to be on the walls. Oliver's family had painted over it with a white coat. Max had a feeling though, Bex would soon be having a long list of color changes.

Chris had checked the fire alarms, even the carbon monoxide alarm they'd put up. They'd be safe here. Chris knew at least this. He'd told Max about Izzy and what Oliver had learned.

"Honestly, I don't think she wants to found," Max shrugged.

"So you think she's OK?"

"I don't know about that. I think she might move to a beat of a different drummer, but the more she stays away, really, I think its better for both Oliver and Bex. Of course, it would be nice if she let him know something." Max hoped Oliver wouldn't let Izzy ruin this. It was so close to happening. "But I think those two need a trip to the beach," Max had made plans for a little honeymoon. Of course, he still wasn't sure they'd want to take a trip anywhere as of yet, but the tickets were waiting for them when they could get away.

"Its a great time to get away anywhere warm, right now," Chris agreed.

"Are you suggesting we should pack up and move to the coast?" He wondered then.

"No, no," Chris acted then that he wished he'd never said a thing. "I've never been to the beach, and well, the beach," he shrugged as if he didn't care to go. "I couldn't miss work. Not right now."
"You don't know what your missing," Max told him. "We are going. We will. As soon as things fall either into place or out of place we are going."


Cate said...

Wow, Bex's wedding gown sounds awesome... You know I've started making a list of who to invite to my wedding even though there's no wedding in sight :) And white gold for the rings sounds really great too.
Haha Max is organizing EVERYTHING for them.

Lonnie said...

chris needs to go to the beach.

taffy. said...

max is a godsend.

dawn said...

it's sweet how they're kind of nesting ....testing the waters of their own needs and relationship by helping oliver and bex.

Sydney Speel said...

organization! wow!

my dad & step have white gold marriage rings!

have a fantastic weekend!