the nature of things

Oliver didn't want to tell Bex that he hadn't got a hold of his father. Probably on some great adventure somewhere. It was just as well. It would only mean trouble. Perhaps. He didn't know.

At least his mother knew. She said she'd come to the wedding. Which shocked Oliver that she would actually be there for him. Still he felt like he was in the eye of the storm. Still nothing about Izzy, and he knew there was nothing he could do about that.

So here they were in Walgreen's. Bex had decided last minute she needed new makeup. At least she was happy about it. And it was good to just look at Christmas. Even if it was in the cheapest sense. Still it made him remember the holidays were here and they'd be part of the holiday. Or so it seemed. Somehow Max had pushed them in before the Christmas program at church. He supposed instead of wedding music they'd get Christmas carols because it seemed the choir needed more practice. Then there was the food drive going on in conjunction with that. He'd got some of his co-workers to have their own box going at work. Instead of gifts this year, they were giving food for the food bank.

"So what do we really need?" Oliver knew that was like opening Pandora's box. What was he thinking?

"I dunno," Bex was still uneasy. Oliver was beginning to think this was Bex. Always a little uneasy. Who knew there were times when she wasn't this, but this seemed to be a constant reminder that this was the state of Bex, the nervous sort.

He picked up something from Neutrogena. Perhaps a tad more expensive than Cover Girl or Madeline. "Lets get this, this is your favorite."

"But its so plain," she admitted.

"Its what you use," he told her. "You'll wished we'd gotten it."

"OK." She tossed it in the basket then.

"How about something for your hair," he then suggested.

"I hate my hair." She was being pouty now like a little girl.

"You do not. Why?" They strolled along the hair accessories then.

"It makes me hot. My neck starts to sweat." Yes, it was true she was irritable.

"I could put it up for you," Oliver liked having fun with Bex's hair. It always seemed to relax her a bit as well.

"I want you to cut it." She announced.

"Are you joking?" She couldn't be thinking right. About that time he looked up and saw Nancy coming toward them.


Cate said...

Ooooh - Nancy!
And Bex is being whiney again :)

taffy. said...

this wedding will be perfect.


Liz said...

RUN!!! O.O

Natalie! said...

That's great that they're giving food for the good drive instead of getting gifts! Very holiday-spirity of them (: And the Christmas music would be great for their wedding, hehe.

And Nancy?! *GASP*

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