on the horizon

Chris had never been involved with this much family stuff before. Even if he grew up in a large one, he'd always been pushed off one way or another to end up either sitting in front of the TV or away from the big stuff, somehow. It was always a bickering matter and he'd usually be told, "This doesn't concern you." Naturally, they weren't much concerned with him, either. Which was just as well. But now, it felt good to be kind of included. He guessed.

But then he'd try not to talk about it, yet Max would bring him in on something or another. Like the lights for the wedding.

"I think clear Christmas tree lights would do the trick," Max said looking at the pulpit area at the church where the wedding would be. "We'll turn out the lights and just let it glow." Actually, he'd said the exact same thing for the Christmas program. "Hopefully, no one will stumble and fall." At least they had plenty to help with the children's choir. Neither would have to help with that. It was going to be quaint. Nothing big. Just something simple. Of course, there was Oliver's Big Heart painting to accent it all.

"I do so hope he'll paint me a mural in the baptistry." Max then thought out loud.

"Like what, a painting of Jesus or something?" This was the first Chris had heard of it.

"No, of course not. Something of a garden, like a Gabriel García Márquez novel."

Max had lost him, again. He wasn't familiar with literature of that nature.

"I'm sure it'll be amazing," Chris just nodded.

"If I can get him to do it, maybe someone can see what an artist he really is and who knows, might bring better things for him." Max nodded.

"Hadn't thought of that," and he hadn't because all he could think of was Max. A part of Chris knew he possibly thought of him too much. But truly Max did make him feel wanted, and he never thought he'd ever need it until now.


♥MademLee♥ said...

i love to be with my family
not all of the time but most of the time because i love them :)

Cate said...

I love my big family too. And even if it doesn't concern me at all, I always try to be near the big stuff.
In the sentence 'Max had lost him, again. He wasn't familiar with literature of that nature.' wasn't it supposed to be Chris had lost him?

taffy. said...

max thinks about chris, too :)

(there are THREE exclamation points)

Natalie! said...

My family is huge and loud, and I'm more of the quieter members of it. It's just kind of hard to compete for the attention, so like Chris I kind of just sit off to the side. But I still love them (:

Chris had better brush up on his literature if he wants to keep up with Max!

ellie said...

Oh, I don't think it bothers Max that Chris doesn't know.

Anonymous said...

i seriously like reading this!

La C.

dawn said...

aw...chris' heart is opening up and he's allowing himself to feel some real happiness. how great for him.