Well, at least they were on the same page. It was something. Max could feel it in Chris' kiss, but then Chris pulled away and Max wasn't so sure.

He was really shaking this time. Chris mentioned something about never having a pet to take care of. He was sure he'd kill a house plant if he had one.

"This is not what this is about," Max tried not laugh. "You know, its not like anybody has to know. Not right this instant. Its not like I'm going to pick up the phone and call my sister just to say, 'Guess what Bex...' I'm not. I wouldn't."

"All right, I know." Chris nodded. His eyes closing.

"We can do this." Max nodded as if he was sure of it. "Its no-body's business but our own." Max couldn't take his eyes off him. "And I can't see myself being with anyone but you. I don't do things like this, all right. I just don't."

"I definitely don't do things like this." Chris shrugged. "This is just different." Chris nodded. "This is just crazy, like...a dream I don't want to turn into a nightmare, you know. And I hope you know, I care about you. Like everyday."

"I know." Max smiled. "And you don't have to say it if you don't want to, but I feel it too. I'm in love with you." It did sound strange to say yet not.

"I wish you hadn't said that cause I'm pretty unlovable." Chris looked away.

"No, you're not." Max had to touch Chris' warm face again. "You'll see. Its all going to be easy."

"Yeah, but if somebody knows, and you know-"

"Defying God and that sort of thing?"

"Something like that." Chris nodded. Max wasn't going to worry about it. He kissed Chris before he could say another word.


Cate said...

When I read last chapter, I just thought: FINALLY..................
Chris worries too much, definitely. He shouldn't. And he thinks he's unlovable, and that's not true! Poor guy.
Hm, about caps... I don't wear them THAT often during winter.. I have two caps with that sunscreen sort of thing, and I wear those sometimes, but my hair is usually a mess when I take the caps off so I don't a lot. I've tried bowler hats, but they don't suit me much, which is a shame. Do you wear caps often?

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the thing about those nails though is that people had to hit their bodies to get used to the pain
not so sure if I want to do that...
thanks for the comment i hope u have a great week too :)

Elle♥Madame said...

oops i forgot to say that chris should stop puting a downer on himself
max really likes him

ellie's kyle said...

I have a feeling it'll work out.

taffy. said...

i'm glad they're actually having this conversation instead of waiting for the repercussions.

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OK, good going.

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