don't even say it

Bex would never believe this til she took the pregnancy test and when it showed a pink heart for positive she still wasn't going to believe any of this til the doctor told her the truth. Of course, Oliver took the morning off to just be with her at the doctor's office.

And so. It was.

"No." They needed another opinion as far Bex was concerned. As it was, no one said a thing about twins. And she wasn't going to dare ask. People would think she was crazy.

"If it were possible and it could be, I would carry both of them inside me, just so you wouldn't have to go through with it." He was holding her hand and she wasn't sure she liked the place. The room wasn't much bigger than an elevator.

"Don't be disgusting." She scowled.

"Sorry, but I feel so awful about this," Oliver was in tears.


"Because you hate me now and you'll just hate me a little more each month, won't you?" He frowned, and she could tell he'd been crying.

"God, Oliver," Bex groaned. Sure, she'd be the bitch from hell. "Its just a shock, that's all."

"I should have said something, you know, how maybe you could get some sort of birth control, perhaps, and it would have made a difference." Oliver went on to say.

"I hate birth control pills." She snapped. "They make me fat." But this was making her just as much or more fat, she guessed.

"Sorry." Oliver looked away, "Do you want me to call your mother?"

"No." Certainly not. This would just make her mother gloat more if she knew the library clerk got her pregnant.

"Let Max talk to her."

"Max? Why? What's that about? What is going on with you and Max and Chris!"

"What?" Oliver looked at her. "I don't know what you're thinking?"

"Something is going on between them and I think you're helping them." There she said it. It had been on her mind.


taffy. said...

well bex is just angry because ollie is amazing.

Ivy said...

I love Bex's last line. Maybe she just feels hurt that her brother isn't being honest with her, but then maybe she's being Bex, tool

dawn said...

oh bex....is it pregnancy hormones raging already? let them be. they deserve to be happy.

Natalie! said...

Oh my gosh, I can't keep missing so many posts in between. D'oh!

But first of all: CHRIS AND MAX! Just.... AH! <3

And I can't believe Bex really is pregnant... what are she and Oliver going to do with a baby? Or.... two babies? :O