in the afternoon

"What's wrong?" Bex looked at Chris angrily. How could she trust him? Why did Max like him so much? There was something ire about Chris. Always had been, like maybe he'd been raised by gypsies, and they'd just left him here to survive on his own.

She didn't like the way he looked at her. It felt so ominous.

"Probably nothing." He went back to washing dishes.

"Look, Chris has had a very excruciating day, he's very tired," Max told her.

"Well, we're all tired!" There was still this uneasiness. Hopefully, she didn't think he still thought she had feelings for Dayton because she didn't. "Maybe he just doesn't want to tell you everything about him and Dayton, how it really was." Bex couldn't believe she'd let the words slip from her. She really hadn't thought of any of it. It just blurted out so subconsciously.

"Now hold on, Bex, you have no right-" Max started in.

"No, no... she's right," Chris had to let this go too. "I'm sorry. I really am. I never took Dayton away from you, I only thought that maybe if-" He didn't know where he was going with this. "I never wanted anything bad to happen to you." His throat was so parched now. It was turning into an annoying sore throat. "But that's not what this is about." Chris knew it wasn't time to start dwelling on the past. "Dayton's seeing Nancy."

"Nancy?" Bex winced. Now she was pissed. She hadn't heard from Nancy since the gallery opening. She hated her. Plain and simple.

"But that's still not what this is about." Chris looked at Bex's stomach.

"What are you trying to say?" Bex hugged herself.

"You're pregnant." It was if he wanted to swallow the words as soon as he said them.

Bex laughed at him as if that was the most absurd thing she'd ever heard.

"And its twins." Chris seemed so certain.

"Twins? Are you on something?" Bex suddenly felt ill, standing there in her kitchen.

"Bex?" Max looked at her as if she couldn't have said what she'd said to Chris.

Bex ran to the bathroom. Dinner was coming up and landing in the commode. She felt her eyes water. This little revelation hit her like a brick which she just might have to shit before it was all over.


Cate said...

Oh shit. But she'd got her period, didn't she?

...And now she's pissed that Dayton's seeing Nancy. He can't stay in a celibate forever, can he? She's in a new relationship too, so why can't he.

♥Smoochies♥ said...

omg she is going to freak worst than she ever has
pregnant and he is seeing nancy uh oh!!!!

taffy. said...

dude... how did that happen?

taffy. said...

or like... how does max know?

another.ellie said...

thanks. chris always amazes me.

Krosemarie said...

awesome post!! Sadly, I really need to catch up in these posts, I have fallen behind...

Btw, yeah I changed the link, but I have no clue how my old link became that, that's crazy.....Sorry about that!


Natalie! said...

AH! Twins? What are Bex and Oliver going to do with twins?

Urgh, why did Bex have to stir things up just when they seemed to sort of be settling down.... I can see trouble ahead!

dawn said...

twins? yikes. and she didn't even really know herself?

autumn said...

oh. so that's why she gets so moody these days. o_O