dinner as usual

Chris was even more hungry when he smelled the savory pot roast at Bex's. Of course, it was Oliver who was serving it up.

True, he felt that Bex had trained Oliver well for such occasions. Of course, she looked a little soured as if they'd all ruined her day. Perhaps it was that. He didn't want to think about it. He didn't want to think about what he'd said to Max, either.

It was still a shock to him that Max was still here with him, and he wasn't looking at him as if he was the worst person in the world. Of course, he knew it was all how the days ahead turned out. If he was going to change for the better he'd have to start today. Perhaps loading all of Dayton's stuff up and taking it to Nancy's would be a start.

So after a good long prayer from Max they dug into the hearty dinner. Food had never tasted so good.

"Just what did you do to the roast?" Chris asked Bex.

"I didn't do anything to it, you'd have to ask Oliver," Bex said quietly as she played with her mashed potatoes.

"Just some garlic powder and beef bouillon, actually." Oliver smiled. "Its not hard, just put it in a crock pot and you got dinner."

"I don't have one of those," Chris told him.

"Well, I know where one is," Oliver just smiled. "Its still in a box. I guess Bex got two for some reason." He didn't say anymore. Bex looked down as if no one better mention someone's name.

After dinner was over, Chris helped Max clean up. Chris did his best not to look at Bex, but then he saw her from behind as he looked over at her while he was running hot water over the dishes and she turned toward him, he knew. It hit him like a spasm. He almost dropped a dish.


taffy. said...

wait, i'm so confused!

god, i'm a dumbass reader.

Ivy said...

Well, Chris is peculair. Wonder what he sees? hmmmmm....

Cate said...

Bex behaves like a little child sometimes. But I'm getting hungry too - oh! My mum has just said that lunch is ready. The irony..
_I'd forgotten all about Dayton.
_AND WHAT DID CHRIS SEE? WHAT DID HE SEE? OMG I can't wait for the next chapter.

ellie said...

Bex suddenly dislikes Chris more. I think she gets in bad moods a lot.

cats n curses said...

Bex is something. I like her.

autumn said...

i'm confused, too. o_O